“For whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” – Romans 10:13

You are reading this now for a reason.  Perhaps, you are just tired of not having peace.  Maybe you are tired of being in fear for whatever reason.  Maybe you already know God and God has drawn you to this page.  No one is here by accident.  God knows your name.  He knows everything about you.  This is is calling card.  This is the Invitation.  He has so much more in store for you.  Maybe, you’re saying my life is great; I’m good.  I entreat you not to miss this call.  The operative words are few:  “Have faith.”   No, you don’t have to be some long standing church member to have faith.   You don’t even have to be a Minister or an Intercessor.  You just have to call on the name of the Lord; believing  that Hr=e can fix whatever it is.  Just call on his name and watch your life change.    http://claybe.com/

We’re Feeding The Poor; but are We Winning Souls? By E. Davenport Nov., 2016

The poor are being fed in a better way that in times past.  The sick are being healed in many ways, but not in record numbers.  The lost souls; that’s the bigger problem.  Now, I know that Evangelism changes things, but what happens when the Evangelist leaves town?   Are we simply back to the “old Status quo?”  I did an experiment many times to find out which out of the following Believers don’t mind hearing about:  Salvation, Prosperity,  and Faith.  What gets people excited often is prosperity.  What gets God excited is Salvation.  If it gets God excited; shouldn’t it get us excited!

So I ask, Are we winning souls?  I think our numbers are down in local churches.  I think there must be Outreach Ministries that are Relentless.  I have seen it in action.  It’s pretty amazing.

Some University Professors Confuse People About Hell! November, 2016

If there is one profession that needs to be prayed for regarding misleading people about God and about Hell (Hades, Sheol) it is College Professors.  These people are confused; so it is doubtful that they are deliberately misleading people who are at a vulnerable age.   I know so many young adults who went to colleges as believers and came out  with no definition in what they believe.   I think it’s just plain manipulation.  At the root of it; most often is atheism and Atheists won’t teach salvation.  If you know one, please write and tell me, I’d like to hear it.  So, is the “average” College Professor going to talk about Hell?   Probably not except to say it’s a fairy tale and they don’t believe.   The next time that you meet that instructor in the Lecture Hall who goes on that rant, I just wish SOMEONE would videotape it and anonymously post it on YouTube.  Yes, that’s a lovely idea!  Se, if you are confused; it’s fairly simple to confuse someone else; especially if they respect your position and so-called intelligence.  Let me just say that as an Undergrad, I attended a Christian College, so I didn’t have those issues but my children did.  I had to pray around the clock about some of the erroneous influences and I am praying that they all get saved.  WHY?   Because Hell is REAL.. that’s why!


A Prayer For The Lost by Elaine Davenport November, 2016

Father God, we come before Your throne humble yet bold, reverent and in Love with You.  You have chosen us before the foundation of the world; to bring forth the light, to push back the darkness.  There are people walking around in a daze that don’t know one day from the next.  There are people who are sick who need to feel Your Healing touch and  people who don’t know what they believe.  There are even people who think they know You but they don’t.  Help them like You helped us.  Use us as vessels yielded and daring to go where You send us and to speak what You say.  Mighty power is needed and we have no might; but You do.  It’s a hurting, confused, corrupt world out there.  Use us, to help people to bring them to Christ, to clear up confusion, to expose and turn back the forces of hell.  We are more than ready to fulfill the Great commission.  Thank You for hearing the beat of our hearts.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen

How’s Your Heart? By Elaine Davenport

Thankfulheart222Earlier this year, I was praying and I felt that I had received a message from God.  I felt like He was telling me to study on how to hear from Him.  Hmmm…at first, I laughed and wanted to say:  “God, if it’s one thing I know is that I do hear from you; I have notebooks full of words from God as I have listened intently over the years.  But, I knew God wanted me to get a greater understanding.  God speaks in so many ways; not just when we sit quiet to listen.  As I began to study How To Hear from God, I eventually realized that God had given me the message for so many reasons; but I think the main thing he wanted to say to me was:  “How’s Your Heart?”

You must be wondering why?  I have repented; but somehow I had become a Comfortable Christian.  Saving souls and going to where they are;  was what I was missing out on.  For most believers, this takes us out of our comfort zones.  We are so comfortable in our churches.  And, I know that church assemblies are necessary; but the amount of soul winning that goes on nowadays is lacking.

People are hurting.  People need Jesus.  People need to know the truth.  This world will not go on forever.  God is a Deliverer.  He is a provider.  He is a Healer.   People need to know Him and He is counting on believers.

If our hearts are right; there should be a fire in us that cannot be put out!   In fact, other people should smell the smoke!    We serve a God who can do anything.  He is in us.  He can turn things.  He loves us unconditionally.  He made the mountains.  Have you ever seen Niagara Falls?   He made that too, yes, man put some modifications to it later; but God made it.  A heart for God knows the pulse of God.   God wants the Gospel preached throughout the world and He plans to use you and me.    We can’t WIN SOULS!   God WINS SOULS…but He uses us to say what is needed.  I want to encourage you to be ready!!!!

Leave it All Behind You! By Elaine Davenport November 26, 2016

Salvation is a powerful thing.  It’s God calling us to a new life; setting us apart to HImself and the question is:  “Are you Ready to Leave It All Behind You?”  There is a certain thing that happens to people before they come to Christ.   For each person it’s different.  It kind of telling about the “Genius” of God.  A Spirit being who many of us will go our entire lifetime without seeing; not everybody, but many.  For me, I had this emptiness.  I felt like whatever it is; I need to find out.  Just looking at my life; I was pretty content.  I had all of the material goods, great love in my life, a good income, talent and more but as good as it sounds something was missing. You can have it all; and still feel empty.   To top it off, I had blotted out my past and put it behind me.  I thought that was a good thing right?  Well, there was some unforgiveness back there that needed to be addressed and there was some confusion that kept cropping up whenever it wanted to.  So, there was a void and that void; was keeping me from moving forward into my destiny.  One day, I realized that I didn’t have God in my life; the way that I needed Him to be…I began to run and I ran until I found Him.  That was a GameChanger.  But, finding God isn’t enough.  Yielding ourselves to carry His plan forth is much more fulfilling!