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Stay in your lane by Elaine Davenport (Friday, June 8, 2007)

Having a prayer life can change your life. It will help you to move closer to God. It’s amazing how many believers do not have a prayer life; but clearly that’s not my call, not for me to judge.

See, we’ve all got to stay in our lane. If we get out of our lane, we get off the path of God’s perfect will for us. That could cost us a lot including time.

A dear friend had a clear mandate from God as to what she was called to do. At the time, I did as well. However, her mandate seemed stronger because she talked about it more, so before I knew it; I was on her path. It took me over a year to get back on my own path. This is for somebody. Who knows what I missed when I was on my friend’s path and not my own?

So today, I say to you all; appreciate and understand the path that others are on and if they don’t know yet, pray for them. But as far as you are concerned; stay in your lane.  If you’re completing an assignment where you are truly called by God; He’ll make it easy for you. Be well.



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “Stay in your lane by Elaine Davenport (Friday, June 8, 2007)

  1. That’s very true. I’m speaking today at church and I amd speaking on “Stay in Your Lane” and it was very nice reading you thoughts on this topic.

  2. HI Chrissy! We wish you all the best and we’ll be praying that the anointed Word will go forth from your spirit through your voice. If you get an opportunity; stop by and give us some pointers. We welcome them. Blessings & Love

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