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Rachem (Have Mercy) – Miami Boys Choir (Video) (Sunday, November 11, 2007)

This is a phenomenal phrase song. It is sung in Hebrew with English captions.

Rachem means Have Mercy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

6 thoughts on “Rachem (Have Mercy) – Miami Boys Choir (Video) (Sunday, November 11, 2007)

  1. I accessed it Elaine!

    This song to me moves our spirit, our heart and our soul; it reveals to us in measure the deep and continuing love G-d has for Israel.

    This love He has is one which He deeply yearns that we too share in. As many of you likely know, the Jewish people are very often hated across the global landscape. This has been an ongoing hatred since the days of Egypt when the Pharoah ruled and brought the Jews into bondage.

    So many people misunderstand the Jewish people and nation. And, very often people feel that G-d has a preference for them above all other people. The truth’s as to why the L-rd choose Israel to bring forth the revelations of who He is – who the Messiah is – are many.

    But for now suffice it to be said that G-d invited faithful Abraham to walk with Him. Abraham accepted this invitation and scripture teaches us that G-d called Abraham – friend.

    In this unique and very beautiful friendship, G-d made many promises to Abraham. As I am sure so many of us can relate to – people sometimes break promises. But the L-rd G-d never does. It is by the faithfulness of His promises to Abraham that Israel to this day lives!

    That is a pretty big and very supernatural act of the L-rd, for had Israel not had G-d sustaining her, she would have been destroyed eternally.

    I hope all who view this video are moved to the very depth of their beings by the Spirit and Love of our living G-d! May you all be blessed and may all come to understand the love and beauty of praying for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel.

  2. Oh my goodness, Karen, what beautiful words. Thank you so much. I love it when people are able to use their words to paint a picture. You did that! I’m grateful. Blessings

  3. We love this song too. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We love Israel and the Israeli people. We love all of the people of the world. We love the family of God and it’s getting bigger! Praise God! Blessings and Love

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