How To Get Your Husband to Go To Church With You (Conclusion) by Elaine Davenport (Friday, November 30, 2007)

GET YOUR PIE IN ORDER…THIS IS ABOUT FAITH! (I’ll explain the pie connection…read on please)


I’m writing this because there are so many women who want their husbands to go to church with them, more importantly know the Lord. Yet, they give up or have resigned themselves that no change will occur. You have to walk by faith on this and not by sight.

Change comes in the heart; long before there are outward signs in many people. This morning when I woke up thinking about it, I saw a pie. When I was in elementary school; they taught us how to see pies as fractions. Let’s just say that the pie is cut into pieces. Imagine that there are components that have to come forth to make the “pie” of your relationship, your communication, your love, your mutual respect towards each other come together. Imagine that. That equation is what impacts and encompasses every marriage and ultimately effects the opportunities for success. One of those pie slices is PRAYER. Another is LOVE. In fact, the love slice is a bigger slice. Paul wrote that book and he was speaking to, guiding, admonishing and encouraging as well as correcting the church. In order to truly understand his point in 1 Corinthians 13; I had to go back to 1 Corinthians Chapter One and read it all the way through. Here it is:

LOVE IS A BEHAVIOR THAT GOD WANTS US TO HAVE. You get that; but do you get the fact that in a marriage you are on the front lines? Imagine it even if your husband is not willing to go to church with you or not… to be the front lines. You’re living in a glass fish bowl so to speak. You. For whatever reason you are with a life partner who simply feels that all that you do is not necessary when it comes to things spiritual. (In some cases) Perhaps, they just have total apathy. <ore likely, they think that your spiritual walk is good; for you and they just don’t “feel” that sense of urgency. Take solace in knowing that they are a spirit just like you. Go deeply into First Corinthians and imagine that he’s talking to you when you get to Chapter Thirteen; the book of Love.


I think of the “religious” spirit. We have to be so careful of that. That is a “public” way of behaving that doesn’t carry over into our personal lives. In public people are just perfect; but privately they are mean, snappy, unforgiving, lazy, uncaring and other things that take them out of Love. SOME PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS BUT ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT! It’s an easy thing to do if each of us does not examine ourselves. In marriages, there are so many challenges but I’ll tell you this. If your eyes are on God and your husband and family next and if you don’t put “self” in front of that, you”ll begin to see a clearer picture. Perhaps you haven’t focused your prayers or given it to God; this concern. This is a piece of your pie. So, I know that I could go on and on…but I’d like to direct you to two books. One is Scripture Keys by June Newman Davis. In the front section on Salvation for family; she examines it from a Spiritual perspective in an excellent way.


Also, I’d direct you to Stormie Omartian’s book on The Power Of A Praying Wife.




I am doing two things. I am encouraging you to get an understanding of this matter. I am asking you to make a decision to truly give this matter to God. He can handle it!

Two more slices: Your Faith and Your (level of) Patience. Ask yourself if your slices need any ingredients or are they all there. It’s constant work, don’t let anyone fool you.

Now let me tell you what should be your driving force: It should be that God is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to redemption.

WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HUSBAND TO GO TO CHURCH WITH YOU? IS IT FOR SHOW OR IS IT ABOUT HIS SALVATION? Whatever it truly is, he knows and it effects his decision making process.

* PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND (spouse) TO HAVE THE NEW BIRTH EXPERIENCE. It is the outward expression of the change that will (or has) taken place on the inside of him.

* I also recommend that you go to the Bible and review and meditate up God’s instructions to wives. He says: “Wives love your husbands. ” and there’s so much more.