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Cafe Sozo Presents: An Interview With Author Robin Anderson! (Monday, January 28, 2008)


It is with great pleasure and joy that I present to you; Author Robin Anderson, writer of Out of The Box- Releasing the Spirit Within!

Café Sozo Interview With Sister Robin Anderson

01/09/08 (Response from Robin)


It’s So Easy To Love You By Israel Houghton

Café Sozo: Sister Robin, we were very excited to hear about your book: Out of the Box – Releasing the Spirit Within !

That’s a really cool title Robin ; what does it mean?

Robin: To describe the title of my book, “Out of the Box – Releasing the Spirit Within” I have to describe “the Box” and then disassemble it. The “Box” is a package and represents a person. The package (person) and its’ contents are determined by the Creator, the person themselves, and outside influences. How the outside of the package is viewed is based upon the world’s (peoples) perception. Perceptions can be deceiving. The person can wrap his / her package to appear various ways to others and themselves is deceived. The person can layer their package with all the things of this world (both good and bad) and never look on the inside to discover who they really are. But, the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outer, but the Lord looks at the (inner spirit) heart[1 Samuel 16:7]. Until we look at our source of life (Spirit), the gift God has placed inside each one of us, we will never be fulfilled. We release the Spirit within ourselves when we submit ourselves to God, and develop a personal relationship with Him.

Café Sozo: What is it that made you decide to give to the world this powerful book?

Robin: Writing the book was a direct assignment from the Lord. I never aspired to write this book or any other book. In January 2000, the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and said “You have a story to tell”. The Lord then proceeded to give me the title of the book: Out of the Box – Releasing the Spirit Within and the titles of each chapter. In the course of time, God revealed what each chapter was about and what He wanted me to write. When I think about how writing the book came about; I can only say, “Wow, look what the Lord has done!”

Café Sozo: Why did you need to talk about the Spirit within?

Robin: Again, that is what the Lord assigned me to talk about. However, I think that God used me to write this book because my life represented what a lot of people are taught through the “world’s system” – the pursuit of money and material gain. I followed “the rules” based upon the world’s way of doing things. I made; money and obtaining material goods my priority. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with money or the things that money can buy. The problem comes in when the things of the world take precedence over our true being, the Spirit within us. Most people neglect their Spirit (God’s presence within) and focus on what they can see, touch, or feel. This is totally out of the will of God. God wants us to focus on Him first, make Him the priority, not to idolize money or things. The Word (The Bible) tells us that we cannot serve two masters: both God and mammon (riches or material wealth) [Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13]. The Bible also tells us not to idolize or worship anything or anyone but God [Leviticus 26:1].

Café Sozo: I’ll tell you that’s some kind of book…Wow! Have you received any testimonies as a result of it!

Robin: Yes, I have received testimonies about the book in person and through my website. I have been made aware of people who have received salvation and rededication through the book. That in itself makes me smile, but more importantly it makes God smile. Other testimonies have come from people who are already walking with God, and are now seeking a closer relationship with Him. There are also those who have experienced revelation and were able to release fears, pains, and unforgiveness.





Café Sozo: What kind of journey has the release of the book taken you on?

Robin: Writing this book was a journey because it forced me to relive some painful parts of my past. But, that was a good thing. It enabled me to face up to some things, let some things go, and move forward. Also, releasing this book has definitely taken me on a journey. This book writing venture is new to me and with learning new things there are always challenges. I could write another book on all the obstacles that I went through just to release this book. (smile) But, all in all I have grown tremendously from this experience. That is what life is about … learning and growing.

Café Sozo: Amen, that’s right Robin! Are there any additional impactful insights that you’ve received from people who have read your book?

Robin: Many of the people that I have spoken with who have read the book, have said that the impact has been positive. It has been both reflective and enlightening as well.

Café Sozo: So, is this a Ministry?

Robin: That is an interesting question. Yes, I believe this is a ministry. All Christians are called to minister (spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ). I believe that one of the areas that I am called to minister is through the written word of God.

Café Sozo: What kind of faith steps have you had to take in this endeavor?

Robin: This entire endeavor has been a Faith Walk. Whenever you go into un-chartered territory you are required to step out on faith. I tend to be more of an introvert, so I have had to get “out of the box” in a multitude of ways. I am finding out that in the business part of book writing, one has to get out there and open doors to let people know that you have a book available. When things get uncomfortable for me, I had to learn to give it to God. God always comes through and I give Him all the Glory!

Café Sozo: What’s next for Robin Anderson?

Robin: “New Beginnings through the Fullness of God”, that is what’s next for Robin Anderson. I am looking forward to all God has in store. I can tell you that God has given me a second book; it is a book on faith. I also believe that I have a teaching ministry, but we will have to see where God leads me.

Café Sozo: How can people get a copy of your book and how can they get in touch with you?

Robin: Currently, people can obtain copies of my book by check, debit card, or credit card through PayPal on my website: SHININGLIGHTWORKS.COM (CLICK HERE) The book is also available on the internet through the following retail distributors: Amazon,com (LINK HERE) , (LINK HERE) , and Wholesale orders are available by calling (248) 730-0867 or through the following wholesale distributors: Baker & Taylor, and BookSurge Direct. Additionally, mail orders are accepted by phone at (248) 730-0867. Please call or check my website: (HERE) frequently for my upcoming events and for updates of bookstores that carry the book in your local area. You may also contact me through email at .

Café Sozo: Robin that’s good. You’ve obviously worked very hard to build some great networks. Congrats! We fully support because we believe that your book is truly cutting edge. Robin what are your hopes regarding this assignment?:

Robin: My hope is that whoever is lead to read, “Out of the Box – Releasing the Spirit Within” will come to have a personal relationship or a closer relationship with the Lord, release the things that are keeping them from fulfilling all God wants them to be, and will share the message (the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Café Sozo: Certainly, you love God and I’d certainly call you a woman of faith. What is it that caused you to put God first in your life?

Robin: I guess you would say I had a wake-up call. About ten years ago, after obtaining the majority of my goals I got to the point where I felt dead or empty on the inside. I knew that more “stuff” was not going to fulfill the void I was feeling. I started searching and found God.

Café Sozo: Robin, that’s so true for many of us; but you wrote it down! We just want to thank you for sharing the good news of your journey and the completion of a great assignment…we look forward to reporting about your ministry work as you reach the world!

Robin: Thank you.

Cafe Sozo: Blessings and Love! We’re going to keep our eye on your book, because we’re expecting it to climb the Charts to the Top of The Best Seller List!

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