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A Great Refreshing! by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)


*I really don’t know if this will sound like I’m extending my personal biography but if it does…that’s not my intention. Sometimes, you just need a fresh perspective and I get that by staying connected but I also am inspired by my circle of Faith Bloggers on the Internet. 100% of the ones in my circle are unassuming. That’s a fact. I just want to take the time to point you to some writings that will refresh you as well and I will even take the time to talk about them. It would be easy for me to copy and paste and then give credit…but somehow I feel like it’s cheating…so I’ll link us all to the sites. While you’re there…feel free to explore the writings.

My Friend Bisi Oladipupo has written a wonderful article about: CLOSET CHRISTIANS

Here are some points that were striking to me:

** I have so many friends who are Christians; yet they never want to talk about God. One dear friend accused me of belong to a cult. I’m a Non Denominational Charismatic Pentecostal. I was raised in the Lutheran church, been a Baptist, been a Methodist and visited and tried hard to join the Catholic Church on my spiritual journey. I was supposed to start studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses twenty years ago, but the guy overdosed, we heard. I did not try to verify it. I felt that I just wasn’t supposed to take that course. I learned something and was Blessed in each place. I’ll tell you this: the differences are smaller that we like to believe. (except for a couple of them which I won’t single out.)

My major point is as Bisi so eloquently points out is that there are too many Christians that are quiet about it. The devil’s lie is that : We should not shout it from the mountaintops or “force” our beliefs down someone’s throat! But, the way that I look at it is…I don’t want to see anyone go to hell or the lake of fire! I don’t especially want to see Christians go there along with all of the “folks” who are blinded. Do I really believe this? Oh yeah! Yesiree Bob and all of that.


Bisi wrote a wonderful article called: WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE?

This is a good refresher; it’d be easy to miss it without this reminder. Everywhere I go; I hear people talking about getting stuff. Now maybe because I’m in the United States. People say there is abundant wealth here but everyone that I know is just getting by. They’re not doing bad at all by the world’s standards but we live in a country where “debt” is encouraged. We must all work hard not to fall for the snares of the devil. The bible says the borrower is servant to the lender. That’s a fact. You know the dealer tried to sell me a $7,000 car for $18,000? I almost fell for it but God sent an angel to stop me. They were so happy for me to sign the papers, but they were so sad when I said: “No.” Not long after that; the manufacturer; not the dealer called to sell us the car for $7,000. I have a car. It’s paid for, and I don’t need another. However, I’ve been led to help someone else in my family after much prayer. I learned from my pastor (Who is Teaching a series on “Managing Your Family Business.) that if one must assume debt it shouldn’t be longer than 24 months for a car; in the worse case scenario 36 months.
For a house 30 years is also too long. I was looking at a television show and they had a girl sign for a 40 year mortgage! I’ve been praying about that.

Not long ago I felt led of the Lord to take a Master Gardening Course. It is very tough and they’ve thrown in upper level Biology and some Chemistry. I was thinking: “How is this going to help You Lord? ” I soon came to the conclusion that when God helps us, it is helping Him. Somehow, these new skills will be used it the kingdom; that is my goal. Was it my lifelong dream to become a Master Gardener? It’s a “Yes and No.” Yes, I always wanted to be a Master Gardener, but I thought that I couldn’t. I didn’t deem myself capable. So, yes the course is hard, but I’m doing it on the strength of God, not my natural ability.

So, Bisi’s article really got me to thinking. It was Blessed. I encourage you to stay in the will of God. Pray and Meditate and figure out what you can do to further God’s cause in the earth; find out what He will want you to do and He’ll back you.

Maybe, you’ve got more thoughts. write to Bisi at her site (HERE) and encourage her and tell her your thoughts. I am thankful that she had these insights and put them in such simple terms. God is pleased.




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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