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The Lottery Curse ! by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, February 26, 2008)


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6: 33

It has been well documented that people who hit the Lottery generally have bad things happen to them, Yet so many people (Sources say) continue to play the Lottery and gamble with their discretionary income and too often their bill monies. I can understand it when stubborn people do it, but I don’t understand when faith people do it. I really don’t.



Well let’s talk about some former Lottery winners and what happened to them. According to official reports Kenneth and Connie Parker hit the Big Jackpot. They won Twenty five million. For most people that’s much more than they could ever hope for. But for the Parkers; it affected their life in a horrible unplanned way. Their marriage of sixteen years fell apart within months.

Sources say that about five years ago, Jack Whittaker won the Jackpot. His was different. It was the largest to ever be claimed in the history of this country. Three hundred million. He was extremely optimistic when he won. However, things didn’t go too well. He experienced great hardship. His granddaughter Brandi died of a drug overdose. It was reported that he was especially close to her. His marriage broke up too. In fact, when sources interviewed his former wife; she lamented that if she had known of the calamity that lay ahead, she’d have torn the ticket up. He was quoted as saying the very same thing.

I’m sure that you’ve heard the story of 20 million dollar winner Jeffrey Dampier who was murdered and kidnapped by his sister-in-law. Whoa!

In December, 2006; Wayne A. Schenk, according to reports was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. The treatment that he needed to save his life would cost 400,000. One month later, he won a million dollar jackpot off of a scratch off ticket. He thought that his problems were over. He contacted the New York State Lottery Commission to request his monies to be paid in a lump sum. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do that. They could only pay him $50,000 a year according to sources. With a force of friends, family, financial institutions and a state assemblyman behind him to change the law; nothing happened before he married his girlfriend and died.


Lottery winner Bud Post of Pennsylvania was nearly murdered for his money when his brother reportedly hired a hit-man to kill him in an attempt to get his cash.

Victoria Zell won the lottery in Minnesota but soon landed in jail after being found guilty on multiple counts of vehicular homicide.

And Texan lottery winner Billie Bob Harrell sadly ended his own life after out-of-control spending sprees and an affair left him deeply in debt and divorced.

* Daryl LePage, certified financial planner, on challenges that lottery winners face — “When you win a large sum of money, you would think that your problems go away. In reality, a new set of problems come in.”

* Michael Carroll on losing his family after winning the lottery — “In some ways I think to myself if I had never won, I might still have my wife and daughter.”
* Kelly Muncaster, Michael Carroll’s aunt — “Living life in a goldfish bowl, people are watching your every move and all the time making things up. I mean its destroyed our family completely.”
* Robyn Newton, winner of the Superlotto in California — “I still have a constant fear that it’s going to change us, but I think an awful lot of people would slap us down if we started to wander around big headed about it.”
* Wesley Newtown, husband of Robyn Newton — “A lot of people get into drugs and everything but you got to think about the long haul. We want to be healthy. We want to be able to enjoy our lives. Now when I see the fanciest car every driving by I think I could buy that. But I don’t want to.”
* Susan Bradley, certified financial planner and sudden money expert, on winning the lottery — “Everyone thinks it’s a problem they’d love to have. Most people don’t realize the complexity and the challenges. And if you don’t respect the complexities, you can run into some pretty big, big problems.”
* Susan Bradley on the best way to claim a winning lottery ticket — “One of the first things a lottery winner should do in a perfect world is not claim the ticket in their name. You can form a blind trust, and you can have the lottery winnings put into the trust.”
* Michael Begin, certified financial planner — “If you’re miserable with 10 dollars, you’ll be miserable with a million dollars.”

Despite all of these mounting facts; people will still want to win the Lottery, not know what to do with it when they get it and allow the money to ruin their lives. They’ll continue to do with the money the same thing that they see “a majority” of celebrities do; spend it unwisely with no great regard for those around them and many times even themselves. These people who win seem to have no clear plan in place; they just sort of “plan” to play it by ear. We’re praying for them to get some wisdom and the curse to end. The best plan is to avoid it all together.

I truly believe that Wayne A. Schenk was a victim of a system that’s out of control. I don’t expect this writing to be popular. But think carefully before you “wish” or even “pray” to win the Lottery. It’s not only a curse but run by bureaucracies who have decided that it’s a great revenue builder. It’s a gift if you win with no strings attached. They don’t require that you take financial counseling or offer you protection or advice based on prior cases.

There are loads of names and cases and the bad outweigh the good. My only purpose for presenting it is not to offend you. I realize that this is the world’s way of doing things. Some are overt with their gambling and some are covert. I don’t know which is worse. Losing is losing and it seems like even the winners lose.



But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6: 33
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I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

22 thoughts on “The Lottery Curse ! by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, February 26, 2008)

  1. Hi Marvel! Sometimes we as individuals are Blessed and we don’t even realize it already. Our prayer for you is that you will find out God’s perfect will for your life. It may not be what you want to hear; but we want the best for your life. Blessings & Love

  2. Hi Marvel…just wanted to add that knowing the lottery comes with a curse; why would you want to win it? Maybe you could explain…
    Blessings & Love

  3. COME on be real you are sharing only the winners who couldnt handle a winfall of cash. Surely there are many winners who have gone on to be a blessing to many people. There is no curse on the lottery money. The curse if any is on the people who put money before GOD. I personally would love to win the powerball lottery. And I am a christian who LOVES JESUS CHRIST with all my heart… I believe the Lord would open the way before me to be a blessing to many people.

  4. Brother Steve, we won’t knock your beliefs. The facts are the facts. The people that you speak of…”if” they exist are a very small minority. Blessings & Love

  5. It seems to me that those most likely to play the lottery despite the overwhelming odds against winning would also be the ones least prepared to handle the complexities and responsibilities to such a windfall. I could think of many sound and charitable things to do with such a windfall… but I don;t play the lottery because I realize my resources are better spend elsewhere.

  6. I agree with Steve. I believe that winning the lottery is not a bad thing in itself. It opens up a lot of venues for one to do great things – helping other people through charity, putting up a business to ensure one’s and family’s future, invest in education, etc. It’s how a person uses the lottery money that matters. Perhaps those who ended up in a “curse” let money override all the other most important things in their lives.

    Honestly, I feel that those stuff about the lottery curse and all is just to make people feel good about themselves that they DIDN’T win some money. Just a thought.

  7. Hi Rocki! Great thoughts. Do you believe in coincidences? We don’t. There seems to be a lot of “incidences” of “curse-like” out comes for Lottery winners…and of course not all of them. Certainly, you make a good case for people who use wisdom with their monies. However, the prevailing opinion is that most people don’t.

    We posit the question: Why?

    P.S. This has been an extremely popular post and we’re hoping that this type of dialogue will make people think about it. We don’t bet the lottery at all; we don’t believe in it…but we realize that a lot of people do. Some even in our own families.

  8. Your comments were insightful. But, for example, they were equivalent of saying don’t buy a car because of all the accidents that have occured…be it from inexperience, drug and alcohol use, or the unexpected accident.

    So, have a plan….

  9. Hi Calmly! I’m not trying to influence anyone. I don’t say: “Don’t bet the Lottery…I can’t teach anyone their moral code or life code. I just don’t do it. I’m not trying to project guilt. There are a lot of things I don’t do…but I don’t scorn the people that do them…I just pray.

  10. Calmly, you don’t have to justify what you do or believe. The things that you describe is the “Babylonian” way…I don’t subscribe to that theoretically and otherwise…in terms of depending on that system to supply my needs.. so I won’t see it “that” way no more than you can understand the way to be “kingdom minded. If you have no knowledge of this…a debate would be useless. Besides, debates are counter productive. Blessings & Love

  11. You have to evaluate situations according to the Word of God and By the Spirit of God. If your faith and desire was in the lottery, then you may have placed all priorities in that Babylonian system and God’s not the author of it and the evil one has an opening to kill, steal and destroy. Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord,it makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it. God’s desire is for His people to be blessed above all nations of the earth so that we can be a blessing to others. That’s why we need to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto us.

  12. All the people who were mentioned in the article who won were people whose lives were lost and they were looking for money to be the savior. Money does not change your character, it appears to magnify it whether good or bad. I am a spirit-filled believer of Jesus Christ and I know HE is my savior. Therefore, if I was to come into money through the lottery, 10% would go to my church. I would take care of my parents. I would improve my current quality of life and the rest would be invested in sound investments or bonds. I would also give 10% of the interest earned for the church as well. I am a public school teacher; therefore I would set up paid college scholarship for needy students who deserve them. For God to bless me with such a financial gain, it is sinful for me to waste it. My life responsibilities would be MAGNIFIED and I would have to work even harder for the Kingdom. With whom much is given, much is required. So laziness, wastefulness would NOT be an option if I won the lottery. The work would be overwhelming.

  13. HI bLESSED AND PROSPEROUS! I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU;RE SAYING. However, personally I won’t sow my seed into the Lottery “system.” For me, it would be hypocritical to invest in a system that gives the devil so much latitude. But, that’s just me.

  14. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
    10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  15. Hello Bernard! Thank you so much, those are great scriptures! Wow! Think we’ll memorize them . 🙂 Blessings and Love

  16. Hi Elaine. This article is an eye opener not for me because, I don’t gamble which buying lottery is…but for those out there who are not aware of the dangers of an innocently looking piece of paper. Thanks for sharing this.

    Blessings and love,


  17. Hi Gladwell! How are you? My computer had a few challenges which has kept me offline for a while. Yes, you’re right…I was surprised at the consistent “negative testimony” of so many Lottery winners! Love E

  18. There is clearly no “curse on lottery money”, as there is no such thing as a curse, other than in the colioquial sense.

    The problem in all of your examples (and indeed in many others) is the recipient, not the money. Those who earn a lot of money can invariably deal with the sum earned far better than those who win it.

    However, I agree with on of your points which I think is the real ‘curse’ of the lottery – cumulatively and by sheer volume, the people that suffer most are those who cannot afford to but do spend their disposable income chasing a perceived dream with odds of 14 million/1.

  19. Hi Mark! Thanks for writing. That’s the great thing about the curse…it doesn’t look like it. No one is likely to look at me to tell I am a radical believer any more than to look at you and determine your views. You can’t see them (our beliefs)…but they are still very real.

    I was surprised that in the movie Avatar, I loved it even before I saw it in 3D. In 3D…it was a whole new movie; but the same storyline. We believe that there is more going on than the unbeliever can see or think and we know that the curse is real and have seen it in operation so we can’t be swayed or fooled on that… This is not directed towards you. We know that this was not your intention…in making your points.

    On the other points …we are a football field apart ; except…but we do agree that it is the people who often can’t afford it; that are drawn to pump their hard to come by funds into it( the Lottery) …of course, that’s the problem with gambling money for more money…one takes the risk and most people lose.

    THE CURSE (brings bad results) (THINK ABOUT IT…)

    Perhaps I’d better define the curse…that is doing things contrary to God’s way of doing things. The results are not from God. But, the results are from “the evil one.” I’m curious to know if you believe he exists…Satan? Careful before you answer. I’m being very serious.

    I would like to say a lot more…but it’s been my experience that some people get offended and I will avoid that at all costs.

    I can’t speak about the atheist mindset…so I won’t. I have no experience there other than my uncle who was scared to tell me even though he told others. I never try to persuade people either. That’s not my calling and I stay in my lane. I love God because He is a gentleman who will not force Himself or His ways on anyone, not even you; unless of course there’s a call for you like the Apostle Paul.

    That’s why it is so easy to ignore or deny Him. I won’t go on…but thanks for writing!

    THE BLESSING (brings bad results) (THINK ABOUT IT…)

    It means empowered to prosper. Most people regardless of their beliefs; like this part. I don’t understand why they don’t realize that there is an opposite effect that can be in operation?

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