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Bloggers At The Gates! by Elaine Davenport Sunday, March 16, 2008



Have you got something to say? Sure you do. Get a Blog. It may be one of the best and most decisive things that you’ve ever done. It’s a great course in self development and study. It will help you to get clarity. It’s good therapy and you’ll help people. It’s a “win-win”position. Think about it. I had no plans to Blog; but then some things happened that sort of threw me into it.

In 2004, I knew nothing about Blogs. No one that I knew did either. However, I needed to start getting the word out to people from all over the world about the wonders of God and the fact that faith works. I had pockets full of testimonies and I wasn’t too shy to share them. I was eager and excited. I found a Web Designer and he said that he’d put me up a web site. His fee was a little over $1,000. He eventually returned me all of my monies. It took about two years or more. We met every Thursday with few exceptions to talk about the site and what it needed. I didn’t know him a friend had referred him to me to put the site together. There were many clues that this wasn’t going to work, but I missed them all. Even when I noticed little nuances that disagreed with my personal faith tenets; I just sort of paid attention but said nothing. I was determined that my God given assignment would not be deterred by murmuring, confusion or derision.

It doesn’t matter now, it was a part of my journey. I learned a lot. For instance, the Web Designer decided quite handily to pick the name of my web site. It was too long, but I went along with it. He had this “hang up” about faith people charging money for everything that they do. It made me really assess myself. I did not assess other people; I want to make that clear. As I tell my husband; when we get to the pearly gates…we’ll each be standing alone. If you’ve ever heard Affabel by John Bevere; you’ll recall that the people who kept score of what everybody else did didn’t fare too well.

It would be a couple years of payments, many months, a lot of think time and a mandate from God to me and the Web Designer before I would ever get Online. Sometime last year, I was led to start putting my information Online to organize it for my Web Designer. That’s when I discovered the Blog. My daughter had become a Web Master in her own right and she spent about four hours showing me. Was it this easy? I couldn’t believe it!

I began to tell people about it and no one paid any attention. They all wanted to know the same thing: “What is a Blog?”

My answer developed over time.

WHAT IS A BLOG? four-around-the-world.jpg

A Blog is an easy Online Journal that allows you to speak on a subject with responsibility and integrity. It’s set up so that you can say something new anytime that you want. It’s better than a Web Site, but a lot of people don’t know it. If you’ll go around and scout out Blogs on the web; you’ll find a mixed bag of tricks. I just want to talk about commitment. There are people who start off posting like 90 going north; and then they can hardly muster 2 posts a month. That’s them and that’s okay. It reminds me of how I’ve done on certain diets. (smiles) And that’s okay, but then I wasn’t pleased with the results. Certainly, I’m no expert nor perfect.


To get the truth out. Faith Blogging is essential. But not all faith Blogging is the same. I was surprised to know that Atheists could be categorized under a “religious” Blog. I guess it is a “religion.” Since, I don’t believe in religion; by that meaning the “traditions” of men, it doesn’t bother me. However, the truth must go forth. God is real and He still sits on the throne! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. There is a Holy Spirit. Also, by the by: the United States is not going down!


When I asked my former Web Designer how much traffic I could expect; he replied: “Oh you’ll probably get about 1,000 hits in 6 months. That’s a good figure you might even get 2,000 hits.” At that point there was disappointment in my heart and I decided that I would reach more people than that! Well. almost one year and seven easy Blogs later, we’ve reached over 80,000 and climbing. God has increased the sites and we get lots of feedback and prayer requests.


On the Internet; you’ve got to have the right location. The people have got to be able to find you. To build the house you not only have to have the right foundation but you have to have the right tools. We found them at WordPress. We were at Blogger before. In almost a year at Blogger, we had around 5,000 hits; so we moved. We uploaded our entries and moved to WordPress. We received the same amount of traffic in the first month…so we learned how important location was. Our WordPress association gave us Google Search Engine prioritized status. It’s been really good.



If we can help you in anyway by sharing insights from our experiences; just let us know and we’ll be happy to help. Blessings to you all!


Confessions of A Blogger: Since I’ve been Blogging; I don’t talk as much; don’t even like talking on the telephone anymore…I could be Blogging (smiles) This series coming soon.

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I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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