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We Don’t Need High Tech Babysitters! by Elaine Davenport 9/9/08 (sp)

playstation3.jpg OR TRUST GOD…people-worshipping.jpg


And furthermore; we didn’t want one in the house! My son began to play Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Play Station and all the other stuff many years ago. In the beginning when he was a little boy; I didn’t know much about that stuff. I actually took him into a toy store, introduced him to the manager and told them he would not be buying toys because books were more important. I kept my word and pushed him (kicking and screaming) into the world of books. Years later after he was established in things of knowledge; he began to save his money for gaming stuff. He begged, cried and pleaded; we didn’t know better…so eventually with a watchful eye, we wore down and gave in. It’s a whole different mindset; and I write to caution you with your children and grandchildren. When your children get in a jam; teach them to praise their way to their victories and do it while they are young.

Fortunately, the computer was big and he embraced it; the technology. Even though he had saved for all of the “stuff” he with the help of the computer found new ways to save costs. We were pretty stupid at first though; we allowed him to spend money on “must have” stuff that was a waste. Gaming stuff is geared so the player loses and don’t you forget it. I can’t accept a loser’s mentality! And neither will my children! I used to think it wasn’t that serious but it is! God is merciful. By faith I say that he wasn’t damaged by the experience. Our gearing him towards studying was a seed that produced a wonderful harvest.


Here’s my point: the games were complicated and many of them not even child appropriated. I would often see him crying out of frustration because he could not solve the game. He eventually got Online to find secret codes to “beat” the game. In other words, the only “breakthrough” my son or anyone playing those games can get is to get a cheat code. Crying won’t bring the solution; neither will thinking hard or hard work. The games are designed so that they can’t be solved (as a puzzle because that’s what they are) without cheating. There were forums where people exchanged secrets. The “joy” of every game only seemed to be in the thrill of trying to beat it and thus it was that way. That, has no meaning. What value is there to be gotten from that? There’s no lesson to be learned. It forces children (an unfortunately, some adults) to look at something from the vantage point of assessing their optimal advantage over a person or situation. It isn’t always good and the bad can be very bad. Life is not a game; it’s real.

They set the games up for people to lose…then they “sell” you the cheat codes!

Please don’t bother to write to me to tell me the advantage of Play Station type games. It will go right over my head, because I’m resistant to that argument. No, my son wasn’t harmed because of much dialog about the “reality” (or lack thereof) of those games and as a result of prayer and God’s mercies.

The devil operates much like the game. He convinces people that the only way they can get ahead is to steal, kill and destroy anyone that gets in their way. He convinces them to start off by cheating or stealing just a little knowing that next time he can get them to do more; having already desensitized them. He has no new tricks; that’s how he operates.



WE RELY ON GOD FOR OUR VICTORIES AND THAT’S WHY WE PUT PRAISE MUSIC ON OUR SITES. You can’t buy your Victories in a store, but you can praise your way to Victory for free! Oh Yes you can!

The reason we put praise music on our sites AND encourage you to listen to it is not because it’s cool or cute. We are to be in a constant state of Thanksgiving and praise…a constant state! It is right and it is fitting and it is therapy and protection for each of us and all of us. It is soothing. The enemy does not desire it for you. Every day you ought to make a concerted effort to hear some praise music. It’s a weapon. It’s a defense.

On television they pull out a gun! Believers pull out praises! It’s breakthrough ground that you’re standing on when you’re praising. The music is alive because the Word is alive and everyone knows it! Even the false religions understand it. They can’t gravitate from the truth for it will make them free. Is it arrogant? No, it’s the truth.

Did you know that praise is like a secret weapon? It opens the door for your Victory! Hallelujah! It’s simple.

The next time, the enemy strikes you; just walk away praising!

When we get “stuck” in a jam or entrapped in a situation; we don’t have to lie or cheat or steal; we have a great high priest Jesus The Righteous who forever will make intercession before the Father. All we have to do is Praise God for the Victory. We don’t have to cry, get mad, get depressed, stop eating, have a pity party, sing: ” Whoa is me!” or any of that because the Victory is ours and the answer is in our praise!






I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need High Tech Babysitters! by Elaine Davenport 9/9/08 (sp)

  1. Hi Elaine! Thank you for your kind words and for your prayers! I certainly have you in mine as well, such a wonderful ministry you have put together via the Internet! God is SO good, I could spend the rest of my life describing His goodness and not even put a dent in it. I’m so happy to hear of the success of your site! My blog does not pull in the volume of visitors that yours does at this time. I do blame myself and my previous lack of consistent access to a computer for that. I started this blog posting, on average, every other day. When my roommate’s computer stopped working, I fell off to an embarassing once a month! But my new husband not only owns a computer himself, but he bought me one of my own! He went back to school last year, and he is on the computer a lot, and he wanted me to have Internet access whenever I wanted. Such a wonderful man! I thank God for him every day, many times a day.

    I’m so happy and so flattered that you liked my recent post! It’s amazing how (and I’m sure you can totally relate), when you have a website, you are always on the lookout for fresh, pertinent material regarding salvation! And God is so awesome, because if you look, He will provide it for you all the time! When I first began my blog, I frequently had to put some effort into finding topics to blog about consistently. But I’ve found that as I continue to grow in the Lord, I have to narrow down and prioritize all the concepts I want to put in my blog. Otherwise I’d be on the computer all day long!

    I enjoyed this post and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I, too believe it is blatantly obvious that the devil is behind these video games, and I applaud you for putting your foot down with your son. I also agree absolutely that we must be in a constant state of praise and worship, prayer without ceasing. Our spiritual weapons are prayer, praising God, reading the Word, and fasting. These weapons are mighty- if we use them! And we must use our weapons daily, because every day is a battle against the enemy and the world that is woefully under his influence. Awesome, awesome post.

    Master Gardening?! You go girl!! I’m proud of you and admire you for finding the time to encorporate yet another rewarding activity into your busy life! And I think it is truly awesome that you want to link to my post. Such an honor and a blessing. Love You!

  2. Hi Marta! I’m happy to hear from you. You’re my writing “hero.” You Marta may be one of the best Faith Bloggers; (the best kind of any kind of Blogger) that has ever written or writes! Marta, you have a unique writing style and it’s refreshing. I’m so happy that God has Blessed you and your husband to walk the path together. Marta, I really can identify with your husband buying you a computer…that’s so wonderful! My husband was ordering a lap top for my daughter last year and asked if I needed one too. I almost fell off the chair. (smiles) Nothing would come out of my mouth but I managed to nod my head. It has been a Blessing. God recalled your faithfulness to blog despite the challenges you faced working, going to church and trying to get to a computer. You surely deserve it. There are people out in the world who need a message from God that He will speak only through you. I read your works for inspiration so often. (thanks)

    You’re so right about our spiritual weapons being prayer, praising God, reading the Word and fasting. It’s a fight and we have to be on the defense.

    I am going to link that post…thank you so much.

    For those of you who’d like to visit Marta’s site; please view Saved in the 21st Century here:

    P.S. I just got in from Master Gardening class. Only one more month to go…I’m so glad! I’ll be talking to you Marta….Blessings and Love Elaine

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