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Will You Forgive Nancy Ramirez? by Elaine Davenport (Saturday, March 22, 2008)

Car Wash Mama; Pressure Washes her Child In Anger!

We are treading on dangerous ground folks; so it’s time to get a reality check. I’m talking to parents and how we love (or show our love) to our children. Children are precious gifts given to us by God; they are not our property!

My job is to bring you this story in a way that is different than the mainstream media; in a way that will make you think. First, here’s the story as best as I can understand it:

Nikki Ramirez, a young mother went to the car wash. She was pregnant and accompanied by her two or three year old daughter. I suppose that she was there to get her car wash, but in the midst of it all; her small child disrespected her. Somewhere within her rage must have developed because she wielded a water hose (How does a pregnant woman do that? or even get hold of it.) and turned around 1200 pounds of water pressure on her little daughter. She claims that the water wasn’t on full force. (How’d she know?) I began to pray fervently for Nancy and her little daughter fervently since I first heard the story.


Even more alarming was the report that when the State Police contacted Nancy; she happily invited them over. When they arrived she explained that she’s done this many times before to this child; that’s the way she punishes her. Hmmm?


There was a witness who scolded her and she allegedly snatched the then naked child, put a towel around her and put her in the car and drove away. The entire incident was caught on camera.

The whole scene brought back flashbacks for me.



I remembered a long time ago when I decided to take my then three year old daughter to Arizona on a plane to attend my sisters wedding. I had never taken her on a trip before. I wasn’t pregnant; but when we were on an airplane layover in another town; she performed in the middle of the airport. I was shocked. I was a good mom and as though a demon had taken over; she seemed to deliberately give me a hard time. I weighed about 100 pounds at the time and she likely weighed one third my weight. I was carrying her mostly and a lot of carry on stuff. It would be our last trip without her dad. It was more than I could handle; but I should have assessed that before I took the trip.

I wanted to spank her bottom, but as I spoke to her, I noted that a lady nearby was watching me intensely. She seemed angry at me and sympathetic to my child. “If she only knew, I thought.” I calmed down. I took my daughter into the bathroom and told her without demeaning her to calm down. She didn’t really get a lot better the remainder of the trip; but it was through that experience that I learned that you can pretty much psyche out a two or three year old girl without physically harming them. Verbal abuse isn’t necessary either.

Do We Tolerate or Train Terrorist Parents?

I sympathize with Nancy Ramirez only from the vantage point that apparently her experience hadn’t taught her that so far. People have individual differences, that’s human nature…but Nancy is off from the norm. We don’t know what challenges she faces in her own personal life or how she was raised but …guaranteed there’s a story there.

By her actions, Nancy was literally terrorizing her child. I even believe that she didn’t think it out clearly. It was Florida…maybe hot. I don’t know…but she won’t be the first person who flipped out in the heat if that was it, or if she was tired, or pregnant, but that’s still no excuse. She needs a better understanding. She needs our prayers.

If our first reaction is to be angry at her or call her names; then we’re no better than she is. Was it poor judgment? I’d say so. Guaranteed we don’t know the pressure that’s on Nancy Ramirez or who sprays her with a water hose or has. I don’t mean literally but c’mon who in their right mind would get a child out of a car…in a public car wash, grab the hose and wet the child on a regular basis?

What can we do? We can pray for the little baby and for the mom but especially for the little baby.

I was in Social Work for many years, and my mother and my sister and I’ll tell you this: Children do not like being taken out of their parents home no matter how bad it is; so why “people” may be glad the child has been removed from the home…the child generally wants to go back. But this child deserves love and so one more baby gets added to the prayer list and I pray that the Loving hand of the Father will cover this situation and cover this child. She doesn’t deserve the worst of life, only the best.



Note: I’m also wondering how a customer is able to get a pressure hose at a car wash and wet up their child with 1200 pounds of water and not get caught or be stopped? What kind of business is that? I’m just saying…could this have been prevented…or was the anger just going to come out somewhere no matter where? I can’t make that call…

Now, I can. It was supposedly a self-service Car Wash. They can’t watch everybody. Thank God…they had a Video Camera. I guess Video Cameras are the New Millennium Police Force.

Clearly this mom needs training as a parent; it’s a hard job…but there’s living proof that it’s a job than can be done and done well. God will forgive Nancy Ramirez…will you?




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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