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Time For Praise!


Before you begin; you may want to gain a greater understanding of a Faith Blogger here

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First, God gets the Glory and Honor! He knew that the web designer would bail…so He took the time to walk me through and He held my hand everyday as I’ve made this journey and He sent friends!

I was praying last year at this time and I felt that led that I ought to help my web designer out. He had so much content that I had sent him over 2 years prior; that I could at least roll up my sleeves to show him how I wanted it done. That was exactly one year ago today; that my daughter showed me how to Blog. At the time she told m that the best spot was Blogger. What did I know? I put up a Blog and soon discovered that even for Bloggers it’s location, location location. I was getting no traffic and I knew no one. So, I packed up and moved to Word Press. Then my friend Gene McGuire agreed to write a Blog on Godly Wisdom. Whew! Oh what a Blessing that has been. God sent people like: My friend Marta who truly inspired me with her Blog. She’s the 1st Faith Blogger that I met and I’m truly grateful for her friendship. Min. Charlesetta Hawkins, Brother Aaron and Sister Brendel HIghtower, Chee, Serena Atley, Sharon, Joana, Bisi Oladipupo, Karen and Doug and so many more. I can’t thank my fellow Blogger friends enough; they’ve shown me so much. It’s really nice to have friends who Blog! Trust me. Please don’t let me forget Sondan who has went out of her way to help me learn web design. I want to thank every Guest Writer: Andrew Valle, Patricia Saddler and Christopher Dart. Each of these people were sent to help me and Bless me in this endeavor and it’s been great! I speak a Blessing over their lives in the Name of Jesus and I pray that all will get 100 fold return for their work. It’s been a joy!


This is a list of the “faith” sites of my born again friends sent by God:







Our SEVEN CAFE SOZO Sites: (Click on name)









There were so many good times, but I’ll tell you it feels good to walk across the one year threshold. There was laughter, a lot of Amens and many many prayers…it is well! A lot of growth…Spiritual growth…it’s Blessed.


I am thankful for everyone that dropped by, people who asked for prayers, people who just said Hi, every person who received an article by email who took the time to visit or pass it on…thank you! There are so many people that aren’t mentioned here…but I thank you. I thank all of the writers who allowed us to interview them: Aaron Hopson, Robin Anderson and Kim Brooks. It;s our prayer that you and every aspiring writer be Blessed. We want to Bless all who are in the army of the Lord and those who aren’t (yet). Many thanks to you all. I want to thank the Word Press staff for being fair and helping me as I met my varied challenges. I’m especially thankful to THE PRAIRIE FAMILY CHRONICLES FOR HELPING US TO GET OVER GREAT TECHNOLOGICAL HURDLES! Thanks Thanks Thanks to all.




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

4 thoughts on “Time For Praise!

  1. Yay!! Happy Blogiversary Elaine! Your site(s) is truly awesome. Such a blessing and such a valuable resource on the Internet! You are a wonderful lady and a true inspiration. I pray the Lord will help me to be as faithful on my own site as you are with yours. Love you!!! Happy Resurrection Day! May the Lord bless you continuously and always. 🙂

  2. Hi Marta! Happy Resurrection Day! Did you get your praise on today? I hope you did. Correction…I know you did. Smile. Thanks for stopping by. I revised my writing above to thank you. Please check it out. Have a Jesus filled day! Love E

  3. To God Be the Glory, Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for a job well done, we so appreciate what you are allowing the Lord to do in your life, your obedience, your commitment to this blog page, this is what it is all about, you are a blessing to so many, you are an inspiration, you are definitely in our prayers, remember the joy of the Lord is your strength.
    Many Blessings
    Charlesetta Hawkins

  4. Bless The Lord O My Soul! Minister Charlesetta…so wonderful to hear from you! God gets the credit…we fall short but we persevere…I just would like to tell everyone about your wonderful live Blog…

    Here’s the site:

    Also, please, I’d like to Interview you and feature it here on our site…Have a Great week-end and let me know if it’s okay? Blessings and Love

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