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F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real (Wednesday, April 3, 2008)


I didn’t come up with FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL; I heard it at my church. It’s Blessed, sent by God and don’t you forget it!

Two days ago; I challenged the devil. I wrote an email saying that I was afraid of nothing. Satan began to set some things up.
I had to attend a class yesterday and about an hour before it was time to leave; I heard a Severe Weather Advisory. The class is many miles away. I immediately called the Class Hot Line to find out if class was canceled. I expected it, but it wasn’t canceled. I want to admit right here and now that I wasn’t too happy. I don’t “like” driving in snow. I decided to proceed by faith.

I actually left the house 10 minutes early. The weather wasn’t bad. I arrived early and it still wasn’t bad. It was a great class and no matter what happened afterwards; I am so thrilled that I was there. There was a faith test lying in front of me and it was my time to face it.

When class was over and we went outside to our cars; it was the typical amount of snow that we’ve seen all winter. “No problem” I said. When I got out on the main road my car started to slide but I didn’t think much of it. I had been two days listening to Spiritual Warfare and Satan was about to test that Word. As I proceeded on; I all of a sudden noticed I was on a dark dark road with little or no accompanying traffic and horrible visibility. My car wouldn’t go faster than 20 miles an hour. I wanted to find a gas station or a hotel as it started to slide all over the place. I felt like I was in prison.

Truth be told; there was a snowstorm in that region but a brunt of it was on my car! Can I prove it? Nope.

These thoughts began to come:

“You’ll end up in a ditch like your mother did.”

“You’ll never make it home.”

“You are afraid.”

That’s when I got strong. I remembered my angels. I said: “Angels, go before me and prosper my way like you’ve been doing! I have on the breastplate of righteousness! I shall not be moved! I didn’t even start praying because I know the breastplate blinds the enemy! ( I learned this in a teaching on Spiritual Warfare by Ric Renner Ministries; it’s a powerful series!) About 5 minutes later; I remembered how to put the car in 4 wheel drive. Everything changed! Traffic reappeared and while many could only drive 10 to 12 miles an hour and some had pulled their cars over…I was doing forty!

I was home so quickly that I wanted to turn around and run back out to the store. That was funny!

It truly was false evidence appearing real. The devil thought he had me, but God’s mercy kept me; so I wouldn’t let go…like the Kurt Carr song says. I need you to understand this before you hear the song.



In 1992; I was faced with a nasty, nasty brain tumor. The doctor’s gave me several reports; the worst being…possible death, I might lose my vision and I would (guaranteed) have to have this brain surgery the rest of my life every 3 to 4 years! They didn’t tell me I’d end up in a wheel chair (which I am no longer in) or that I would resemble a shadow of my former self or that I would have a stroke!. They forgot to tell me I’d lose my ability to walk and to talk in the manner I had long known. I really wanted to have a pity party; but there was work to be done! My recovery was six years…that was when my faith was greatly challenged and Jesus had to grab me! God gave me complete restoration; total recovery and…I never had brain surgery again! Then, the cancer came and Jesus grabbed me again, right after the funeral plans had been discussed; I totally was healed with no remission. So please (and I say this with humility and boldness) please don’t think that I fell apart over a snowstorm on top of my car. That’s nothing! This just gives me MORE reason to praise God!


You can hear it here:





I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real (Wednesday, April 3, 2008)

  1. Thanks Elaine for sharing your story.. where did you hear that the breast place of righteousness blinds the devil? I don’t doubt it.. but I have never heard that before!! Your stories are so encouraging.. they make me want to look for a chance to do the same!! Praise God / love to you from Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks for writing. You are such a dear always encouraging too. I’ve been over to your “house” (Online) but you were probblem at your other house (Online) so I’m sorry that I missed you.

    Have you ever heard of Ric Renner Ministries? He, his wife Denise and his sons have a Ministry in Russia. What an anointing! He’s considered to be one of the world’s greatest biblical scholars. He truly understands his authority as a believer. He has a wonderful series that he’s teaching on Spiritual Warfare. I have been listening to his teaching on Ephesians 6: 10-18 on the armour of God. In the past when I prayed I never consciously put on the whole armour of God when I woke up in the morning. I had only put on the Shield of Faith; but the breastplate of righteousness is the only weapon that covers our whole body. It is an offensive weapon by blinding the enemy because of it’s brilliance. The belt of truth which is also the Word of God holds everything up. I’ll check to see if you can order it online and send the link. Blessings & Love E

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