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Can Ordinary People Really Hear God? by Elaine Davenport (Monday, April 14, 2008)

As a little girl under great oppression..I had no choice. I began to talk to God. I was in the Lutheran church.

I didn’t know that God could talk back. It would be quite a while before I would find that out. I was only 10 years old.

09-so-easy-to-love-you Please enjoy listening to this music while you’re reading and just “reflect” if you will on the Goodness of God. :

CAN ORDINARY PEOPLE REALLY HEAR GOD? THIS QUESTION HAS PERPLEXED MANY! BUT GOD SPOKE THOUGH A DONKEY…SO I DON’T KNOW WHY! WHERE’S YOUR FAITH? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


Years later after seeking a closer walk with God; my feet treaded through two other churches of varied denominations before I finally settled happily where I am. In 1994, I was in my house all alone and I heard a loud voice say: “I’ve opened up a door for you…why won’t you walk through it?” I looked all around. I saw no one. I was spooked.

I spent days and nights trying to figure out what that meant. Right after that…unnatural miracles occurred and I found myself 4 years later with two College degrees! My path to acquiring them academically had been nearly perfect. It wasn’t me…I had flunked out of college. I even told the president of the University about it at graduation. After all, I had originally failed at that same university. My ending gradepoint was a 3.8. He was stumped and taken aback.



Five years ago, my Pastor marched us through the Bible and preached on “Hearing From God.” I listened with great intensity and fervor. It makes sense I thought. After all, He’s God…He loves us. If someone loves me, I want to be in their presence, but I also want to communicate with them on a two way. One way relationships most often fail…but two way relationships thrive. I was in expectation. I was also at the same time nervous because “something” kept saying it wouldn’t work for me. I made up my mind that seeking God was to be my mission!


I was about to enter a world of people that I had long thought had something wrong with them. A group of people that I felt had nothing else to do. An elusive group that always has openings…they’re called prayer warriors and prayer intercessors. It is a 24-7 position.


I rushed home to practice hearing from God and you “need” to know…I didn’t expect it to work. Why would it? I wasn’t a minister or even a faithful servant. Later this week, I’ll tell you all about it. Stay tuned PLEASE READ ABOUT: 4 BLESSINGS OF SALVATION HERE




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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