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The Bishop TD Jakes Earring Flap!


Saints ( I guess they are) are funny enough…but saints on the Internet are even more comical. I could prove it but I might get sued, so I’ll pass. I’m not talking about Bishop Jakes…I’m talking about you and me. We’re just so quick to turn on each other. Scary? I think so.


This morning I was approached by one of the Prayer Warriors; she was nearly in tears. It seems as though her teen age son wanted to wear an earring in his ear and had went along with her saying: “No.” Well, that is until he looked on television at a picture of Bishop Jakes in his daughter’s wedding and saw Bishop TD Jakes wearing an earring. (He doesn’t wear one in the pulpit.) He exclaimed in defense: “If Bishop TD Jakes can get one, I don’t see why I can’t too?” This mother told her son that he couldn’t get one and that was the end of it. And indeed it was. Now this lady is very sincere, someone who loves God and doesn’t mind praying for others…everyone without exception or question.


One of the reasons that people are opposed to the idea of Bishop Jakes wearing a diamond in his ear; is because in their perception; it’s worldly. If you’re born again, you “left” the world so to speak. We’re a part of the Kingdom of God. The wearing of the earrings (on men) to most of our knowledge is a worldly thing and a reminder of what “they” do; they being people in the world. The truth be told, many of us haven’t in fact left the worldliness behind in one way or another; through one trait or another. Most of us have some remnant or temptation that besets us and we’ve all got some flesh that must be put down whether we admit it or whether people can “see” it or not. That’s the prevailing thought pattern amongst believers. Believers have high standards…for others. We’ve got to be careful about that.

Also, should we wear or not wear things in church and switch out in the world? People do it all the time. Some mean to, some don’t. These are matters of concern and pose great challenges to us all.


We concluded regarding Bishop Jakes and the earring that God was doing some sifting and immediately began to pray. Now, looking back; I think it was us being sifted. Don’t get me wrong; I am very much opposed to men wearing earrings (as a rule), but that has been my own prejudice and it’s still NONE OF MY BUSINESS IF THEY DO. In fact, I know now I’ve been sifted…I’ve learned so much from this.

Will it change me or you? No, I sure hope not. For me it’s just an observation that I’ve been allowed to see that I don’t yet understand.





I researched people’s opinions on the Internet and as a rule, I found many Christians to be very condemning. I “almost” was the same way too, but…

as I was walking around thinking about it…I happened to look in the mirror and see my earrings. My ears have been pierced for years and years…but does that make me any different? Feminists would say why can’t men wear earrings; it’s just a fashion trend?

I don’t wear diamonds in my ear but who’s to say that I wouldn’t if I had them? I probably wouldn’t but who’s to say? Would criticizing Bishop Jakes make me a hypocrite? I think so, but that’s not the reason that I choose not to do it.

Then, I prayed about it.



Wearing an earring in his ear doesn’t make Bishop TD Jakes any less spiritual. Admittedly, my spiritual Father doesn’t wear one; nor have I ever supported the idea of men wearing earrings, (that means little in the scheme of things). I don’t know Bishop Jakes or the reason and I am not alone, am I? I might add that in this case as in many others, it’s none of my business. Unfortunately, the body of Christ may not view it that way (I’ve read Christian Message Boards) and that’s sad that a private matter was made a public issue.

On behalf of Cafe Sozo, I’d like to Congratulate Bishop Jakes and First Lady Serita on the marriage of their daughter and Sara and her husband. We’ll be praying for them to be Blessed and to walk under the mighty hand of God never to miss a step in these trying times and we encourage you to do the same.

It’s my understanding that if people are indeed concerned about any member of the body of Christ..then, they should pray for them first also asking God for direction. No way should people be spreading rumors and vilifying this man over an earring in his ear! No way should you think any less of him. He’s a great man of God, full of Wisdom and the body should be supportive. That’s my e-pinion.









I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

41 thoughts on “The Bishop TD Jakes Earring Flap!

  1. I have to agree with you its so amazing how we get distracted with small things that we don’t or can’t seem to focus on larger issues that really matter. I attend the Potter’s House and have had opportunity to hear this man of God speak over the pulpit and in small settings and he is one of the most annointed, but yet humble men I know. Furthermore, who are we to be so judgemental?? And we wonder why people don’t want to be saved or call themselves Christians! When are we going to wake up and fix our characters first, rather than trying to fix each other. The bible has so many scriptural references about fixing ourselves and worrying about ourselves not our neighbor, but somehow that rule or verse gets skipped over. However, just to qualify my point look what Jesus did with the adultress…who without sin cast the first stone. However, I am not by any means saying that its a sin to wear an errand as a man there is no scriptural basis for it that I can find. I am too hot and so upset that we have to even half this type of ridiculous conversation. Let the man enjoy his daughter getting married…my GOD! Sometimes I am afraid to call my self a Christian due to the self-righteous people we have holding up that banner.

  2. Greetings Fred! I’m so glad that you took the time to respond. People came by the hundreds to read this byline; like flies to a picnic but no one said anything. That really made us wonder if they were “disappointed” that it wasn’t vicious or gossipy. That’s not of God (gossip or vilfiying another’s character)no matter what people say.

    I totally agree with your point that it was a private day for Bishop Jakes and his family to celebrate a long awaited day. I choose to sow seeds of gladness and joy for that family in my words and in my prayers! I’m so glad that you do too. We’re not alone.

    Blessings & Love

  3. Greetings! As believers, we’ve got to have very tough skin and pray for one another…we shouldn’t be bothered when someone in the Body of Christ does something that “we” don’t like. Thanks for your comments…Blessings & Love

  4. I’m saved, santified and filled with the Holy Ghost and you better believe I’m getting a belly ring, no doubt.

    You can say what you want I like them and I think they are really cute.

    Now yes, I will continue to be saved, santified and filled with the Holy Ghost.

    Your sister in Christ.

    Love ya!

  5. Someone sent me last week via email the 300+ picture slide show of this beautiful wedding. I thought the photos were just lovely, and I was sooo happy for Bishop Jakes and his lovely daughter, Sarah.
    As I checked my email this evening, i saw a reply from one of my sisters in Christ to whom I forwarded this slide show. In her reply, she brought up the fact that Jakes had an earring on. To tell u the truth, when I looked at the pictures last week, i didn’t even notice that he was wearing one; I was just enjoying the loveliness of the occasion (and as you can see, I still am!). And then, i wanted to know if there was any hoopla on the Internet about it. I Googled, and sho nuff, there it was, much to my dismay.
    We Christians really need to look at ourselves. We strain at a gnat and swallow a camel! I really don’t care if the man wants to wear an earring. I was just grateful that he thought enough of any of us to share that lovely day, because I sure wish I was there! God bless you, Bishop & Lady Jakes! God bless you, Robert and Sarah!!!!

  6. Of all the things going wrong in the world today. All the problems and all the lost souls. People dying and war everywhere- AND CHURCH PEOPLE ARE BUSY FUSSING OVER A DANG EARRING! Are you Christians so empty that you have to worry about a man wearing an earring?? I’ve read so many blogs with “the saints” protesting this until it saddens me. Nobody pays attention to the fact that a black man has raised a daughter, gave her away in marriage and celebrates her love. Even the media got this one right. But you Christians… wow, it’s just sad. — Sydney

  7. Bravo. He’s a man who has been faithful to God, stayed with his wife, raised his children in the admonition of the Lord.

    We’ve seen the blogs that have been negative; and we’re praying for them. Thanks for your comments.

    Blessings & Love

  8. Sydney, please understand that we normally wouldn’t even entertain commenting on this subject; but we felt the need to offset the negative banter with truthful talk. Otherwise, we would have passed as negative murmuring amongst believers doesn’t glorify God.

  9. this is a disgrace and it is obvious that you all are blind and cannot see the light b/c you are led by a false prophet.

  10. Bishop? Earing? Why the hullabaloo? Well, the hullabaloo is exactly because though the scriptures say nothing about it, IT IS CONTROVERSIAL. Period. Now, for someone entrusted with His kind of influence, there’s things that are not EXPEDIENT, because, they might send the wrong Signal and do damage. If You are willing to lead, You LOOSE THE RIGHT TO THINK OF YOURSELF FIRST. Thank you very much.

  11. The Bible tells us to judge each other using the Word of God. You are all so concerned with the man that you are forgetting the message. He is backsliding; plain and simple. Alligning hisself with Dr. Phil who believes homosexuals are born that way is another glaring example. Where’s all the Godly wisdom now. What is so wrong with correcting another Christian even if he is the Bishop TD Jakes; as if he can make no mistakes. I’m sorry, I thought he was a man and capable of error. His daughter also had a tatoo on her back. We all know there is specific scripture to refute tatooing and cutting on your body. We also have scripture to back up the way the Bishop’s children should carry themselves. If it’s not happening, we’d better start praying because obviously he has a huge following and can possibly lead those people astray. Remember, we are to judge each other’s actions to ensure they line up with the Word of God. TD Jake’s greatness is a direct result of God; not himself. He is capable of making a mistake and that is why the earring was airbrushed out. Let’s pray that that gap in judgment closes and returns to the rule of the Master.

  12. Your best point is encouraging us to pray. A lot of people say it; but, we really do it; even for you. Hope that you’ll join in… to keep up the hedge. Blessings and Love

  13. Dearest Natasha, we shy away from the negative.

    Perhaps I should have said: “including you” instead of even you. Not meant to single you out; but what I’m saying is as a prayer warrior my task is to pray for everyone; yes Bishop Jakes too. You may know that the devil works hard to cause divisions and schisms within the body of Christ. There is healthy criticism and unhealthy criticism. And we’ve seen both.

    The Lord stopped me a long time ago from judging but to speak the best and to pray the best for…all. So, my position is always coming from that perspective.

    You made some good points, but I felt that your best point was encouraging us all to pray. Now some have been called to various positions even some perhaps to admonish the body of Christ; but I’m not sure whom and to what degree. I’ could go on as there are many factors to consider, however our position is to encourage and to pray.

    It might be hard for some to understand; but we try to stay away from the murmuring and complaining. We just feel that “within” the body there’s an uneven balance of that. So thanks for your comments and we understand that your “calling” may be different and that’s okay. Blessings and Love

  14. All one has to do is study the history of the wearing of earrings by males. Anytime the ‘world’ is lifting a standard it is a GURANTEE that The LOrd is NOT receiving the glory!!

  15. As a believer i follow anointed teaching alot. In sometimes 2005 in an advert by the potter’s house for Megafest 2005 event. It was First Lady Serita and TD Jakes Jr, in that advert,having earing in his ear. It did go down in my spirit so I stopped buying materials from potters House. It was just when Prophet Juanita bynum preached and itermise these issues in with Pastor Rod Pasrsley. That these are evidence of the spirit of Homosexuals in a message title CHURCH ON A ROCKY OXEN. Yes I’ve tese DVD in my libery collection, showing TD jakes jr wearing an ear ring with his mum, so if they permit it to air to the world of believers, its just time that is making manifest according to the book corinthians.. DID JESUS WEAR EAR RING, if we be Christ followers, so let us be as JESUS CHRIST not living by the passion of the flesh as stated in 1 peter 4:2.. There is so much fleshy desire men acting like women..But scripturre says since we are now in christ so likewise we also live it, becuase the scripture further states we are made in the IMAGE of GOD so let us follow CHRIST in all our ways for 2 corinthians 3:2 makes clear that we are read by all men, therefore if whatever we do the scripture says in COLOSSIANS 3:17 , it should be done as unto the LORD, THE WORD of GOD is also DOING! how you appear preaches a Sermon too remember Prohet ELI’s Children in 1 samuel 1..!Finally Pauls in ACTS 17:11, .. it means your WORDS and APPEARENCE must be CHECKED if they agree and are commanded by JESUS CHRIST before we do it, lets be believer of acting out the WORD of GOD as thought by Kenneth E Hagin.. Let us Magnify our LORD JESUS CHRIST who takes pleasure in our ways so let our ways be christ as Moses declared inEXodus 33:13 knowing GOD WORD and Appearence, deeds

  16. Dear Brother Richardson, thanks for your comments.

    Editor’s Notes: To All Of Our Readers

    We don’t know if this is true. We weren’t there. But, it is in the past. Rumors and innuendos are not in our realm of dialog; we don’t entertain them. This article is based on facts. Entertaining hearsay has never been our intention by posting what some deem to be controversial postings that we believe must be touched upon. The context of this article addresses is: “Do you think this is a big deal?” Some say it is; some say not. We say that God decides. This article is not an investigative piece; so please, we must ask our readers to respect the parameters of the article. This is not a gossip site or a Christian version of “entertainment” news stories. There is a thin line here folks and as believers we don’t wish to cross it.

  17. i don`t care weather or not the man was wearing ear ring on his dauther`s wedding,the fact remains that he is a choosen,loved by the most High God plus he is a humanbeing living on earth…i love him,he is a blessing to my life

  18. We can appreciate what you’re saying. However, the more that we look at it we’d like to say; we’re not going to judge Bishop TD Jakkes. But to all of you believers out there we say:






    Blessings & Love

  19. Please come on yall lets just be real with this topic of Bishop Jakes wearing an earring. Thank God that our salvation is an individual thing and that no one can put you in are out of heaven but our own self….It’s nothing deep about knowing that when you are in the spot light where millions are watching that you need to carry yourself a certain way………I mean Bishop Jakes knew there that the media would be present obviously, but he chose where the ear ring and now thoses thousands that banned there own children from wearing this have to deal with there feedback….I’m not condeming Bishop Jakes because I enjoy watching him on TV and have heard him in person…….Yes, we all have sin and have made some bad mistakes, but lets not push stuff under the rug, when it is done in the opening and with out shame…. Yes, I too was caught off guard about the earring when I saw the photo’s, but you know when you leave this earth you have to give an account to God and not TD Jakes….Know God for your own self,so when when human beings do things as such, you don’t loose your focus…I’ve read articles on how earrings came into place, but you know anyone can make things right when it is what they want. My sencere prayer is that God will continue to bless Bishop Jakes and his entire family as he is used for God’s glory……

  20. Christians wake up and be Christ like Christ led.
    Stop let satan and his demons keep you in strife
    over what your sister and brother should could
    would or are doing. L0ok at yourself in the Mirror
    not someone else. You can only change you and
    pray for others. We can also mentor and encourage
    youth to make positive changes, yet when adults, letJesus lead his sheep. Suppose all the Body of
    Christ came again you for every little hidden secrets you have in your closet that you and only
    The Holy Ghost know about, how would you feel. Many Ministers are wearing earrings. He is
    not the first and he sure will not be last. Now some of your traditions have even stopped Women in the Church from wearing Jewelry.
    Jesus wore the Star of David, are the High Priest
    wore Jewelry, breastplate with all the beautiful
    colorful stones. Heaven is full of pearls, gold
    diamonds and stones. Pray more and just stop
    judging, get out feed the homeless and do just
    one of the things that TD and his family are
    doing and you will not have room to gossip.

  21. It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine[song o sol; 2:15] . If we make allowances or excuses for someone or something and say that we all have faults that we have to work on doesn’t change the wrong of the issue. This “man of God” is in public view and has to conduct himself as a steward and representative of his Christ. For as he[Christ] is so are we in this world. This thing is an issue by virtue that is has caused talk and questions. Our own litmus test to matters of choice is would Jesus do it. The scripture says know ye not that the saints shall judge the world [1st corith 6:2]. God needs men and women who are not ashamed of the gospel and can take a stand and call sin a sin. We have to put a difference between the holy and profane, clean and unclean[lev 10:10]. Its a shame that he endorses the wearing of earrings and his worldwide influence will cause others to follow his pernicious ways. We aren’t ignorant nor do we have to guess the will of God, we can have a know so salvation and know the perfect will of God. The bible says the way of righteousness will be a highway and a fool shall not err therein[isaiah 35:8]. Remember there is a way that seemeth right to a man but the ends thereof are the ways of death[prov 14:12]. We are called to holiness[1st pet 1:16] and God is accepting nothing less of this commandment and he that is filthy let him be filthy still[rev 22:11].

  22. The conclusion was very well stated. TD Jakes wearing an earring is not a sin… No where in the Bible. Is it my preference for a minister, no. There’s been a lot more sinning with the tongue and thoughts tht have gone on because of this.. I believe the writer that says the body of Christ is being sifted is right. We love gossip and we are haters. We love to sit in the judge’s seat and judge forgetting that the same measure stick applies to you. Listen, even if this is a “sin” per say, the Bible calls for the so called Spiritually strong to lift the weak, with humility; as this could be YOU!

  23. KR…this may not have been your intention; but this was our best comment so far pn this article. That’s a fact. Blessings & Love & Thanks!

  24. It always comes back to me, WWJD? I think as an inspirational leader in this day and time with so many of us come from broken homes and dsyfunctional families we need to see as example of a man of God trying to walk as close to the Lord as he can as preach to us that we do the same and it starts with example. Paul on one occassion said if eating meat offend my brother I won’t eat meat and that’s the spirit that I feel the Lord want us as ministers of the gospel to have. the earring is not just there. there’s a reason for it and yes it has a wordly connotation with it. he should not be wearing one in or out of the pulpit. i use to wear one also before i got saved but now old things and ways are passed away and behold all things has become new. and we are not to look like nor act like the world because we are a chosen generation and we are picked out to show forth the praises of him who have called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. we are not to use God’s grace and liberty to do as we please. I didn’t know that he wore earrings my God. that is ungodly and wordly anyway you look at it. will it send you to hell? no. but it can be deceiving to some weak soul as that’s why for the weaker saints don’t do it.

  25. It always comes back to me, WWJD? I think as an inspirational leader in this day and time with so many of us coming from broken homes and dsyfunctional families we need to set an example of a man of God trying to walk as close to the Lord as he can and preach to us to the same and it starts with example. Paul on one occassion said if eating meat offend my brother I won’t eat meat and that’s the spirit that I feel the Lord want us as ministers of the gospel and saints of the most high to have. the earring is not just there. there’s a reason for it and yes it has a wordly connotation with it. he should not be wearing one in or out of the pulpit. i use to wear one also before i got saved but now old things and ways are passed away and behold all things has become new. and we are not to look like nor act like the world because we are a chosen generation and we are picked out to show forth the praises of him who have called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. we are not to use God’s grace and liberty to do as we please. I didn’t know that he wore earrings, my God. that is ungodly and wordly anyway you look at it. will it send you to hell? no. but it can be deceiving to some weak soul who is looking to him as an example of what he’s preaching. that’s why for the weaker saints don’t do it. it’s hard to stay unspotted from the world while in as as it is. we don’t need any stumbling blocks from leaders. gang member where crosses and earings and we need to draw the line. Jakes is an old fashion apostolic holyghost staunch preacher but he seem to be letting up on preaching about the straight and the narrow and have adopted this broadway style. if his mother and grandmother could see how far from the way he use to teach and preach they would rebuke him.

  26. Not really comfortable with my pastor wearing an earring or gold teeth…but I have seen them both. My concern is that the pastor that I have followed for the past 4 years in Houston had his teachers certification “revoked” prior to going into ministry 8 years ago. Would you be forgiving and continue to attend when this matter was never mentioned to the congregation? It was presented to us as though he retired due to his calling from God…Revoked was defined as being rendered permanently invalid by the Texas State Board of Educator Certification for inappropriate conduct. LWFC

  27. Hi Debbie! That’s not true…you’re way off! Maybe…you did not mean this…but your statement is full of unnecessary generalizations! Ugh!

  28. For many years I have worn earrings, hoops in the 90’s and diamond studs in the new millenium. God has truly blessed my family and I over the years. I feel that my earrings which I wear less than half of the time, has nothing to do with the relationship that I have with Christ.
    My opinion is that this is a fairly petty issue, and has more to do with man made rules rather than any scriptures or directives from the bible. If it were up to some of the people in the church, there would be no perms, weaves, makeup, jewelry, pants, etc. We would be riding around on mules, wearing gladiator sandals. Ok, that might be a little extreme but I’m making a point.
    I love God, and I put God in front and behind all I do. I hope that my light shines bright enough that my earrings are not of any consequence.
    TD Jakes has been a blessing to many people, his choice of jewelry shouldn’t diminish the message that God delivers through him.

  29. Could u please say a prayer for me n my fiancee who is haven’t an affair with another woman.We have been together for the last four years.I would like this curse to be broken,and our relationship restored.

  30. I bet I am reading this as late as late itself can be. I am from Africa where many people look up to many American preachers and especially TD Jakes (he preached one of the best messages i ever listened to (Ps23)). Now I cannot say about American culture, but to us earrings are a feminine dressing. It has been that way. And from my small study of the history of men wearing earrings, they used to be homosexuals and pirates who used to cross dress. Now for a man of God in his capacity to sport an earring, is to ignore the range of his influence and how people might interpret this. I believe leadership comes with responsibility and with the way the world is going, it is disappointing to see men who ought to set the standard for other men and the generation to come. Now; the Bible is clear about men wearing women’s clothes which is not limited to textiles, shoes, rings, earrings, make up etc. Anything does not just go because we have grace.
    Another issue is that as a Bishop the standards Paul commanded to Timothy are clear, i heard rumors of TD Jakes’ son and also I saw his daughter with a tattoo on her back.
    I am not here to criticize but to point out to anyone that God’s standards are clear and do not change with time or culture. we can protect him as we want but it is clear that God is not pleased with this. He is our brother and we need to let Him and the world know that this is way wrong.
    Now how did i get here; i have just been receiving a lot of complaints about many preachers either preaching heresies, divorcing, lying in open, faking miracles or misrepresenting the kingdom they claim to be ambassadors of. The Bible says the love of many will grow cold in the last days; we have forgotten the cross and Resurrection and have been stuck on abundance and prosperity and a good life here on earth. Preachers getting divorced left and right, money takes up 90% of their preaching, very little integrity is left of the foremen of the kingdom today.
    I hope that people will seek to know this God, His name is YAHWEH (YAH) and He has not changed. He said to come out and be separate and that we are slaves to righteousness and the light of the world. People wake up; it is evening time already and we need fuel in our lamps. We need to rebuke when it is time to rebuke and we need no watering down of scripture. It is a shame what has become of the church.

  31. Hello Paschal…you are right…it has been a long time since this was posted. I imagine that “we all” have grown since that time I offer no excuses or explanations, but I lknow that everyone of us…has done something that doesn’t ring right with the opinions of all. And sometimes we “miss” it. But, I’ll say this…I haven’t heard of this happening again…for some reason.

    I think there are two schools of thought…one says as Kingdom people we can’t “act like or be like….” those who are not…

    and the other says: in our private lives we do what we want.

    Well, where do we draw the line?

    Now maybe there is “something that we don’t know…” but I’ve decided to leave that to God.

    I did really find your comments compelling. Thank you very very much! Cafe Sozo

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