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Cafe Sozo Hits The 300,000 Mark!

This is a Thank You note.

A few years ago; we were led to begin to minister the Gospel in forms of faith, wisdom, healing, salvation, prayer, spiritual warfare and more recently the Blood of Jesus to the world via the Internet. We expected God to back it and He did far above what we could ever ask or think.

All of the sites have been well received and prayer requests come by the hundreds. We just want you to know that we pray for everyone who comes here, has been here and people who will come here. Every prayer request is taken seriously and is prayed for as soon as it is received!

Many of you have encouraged us and prayer for us and wished us well. We fully intend to reach an incredible milestone by year’s end celebrating Jesus!

*Thank You Lord for Loving us so much and ordering our steps! Thank You Holy Spirit for leading us! Thank You Jesus for redeeming us!

* Thank you to my church, my Spiritual parents, the many ministers in the Gospel who have taight me and helped me grow and thank you to all of my Spiritual mentors.

* Thank you to my email network (I have the best email network !) that has been pared down to about 200 people! You never once rejected any correspondence; instead you’ve been loving and supportive…inspiring me to continue.

* A special thanks to my Online Prayer Posse: Sharon, Yeap Chee Seng, Tyson & Marta Odums, Sondan Lyles, Joana Bibbs, Belinda, Bisi Odapopulo , Min. Charlesetta Hawkins and others Online!

* A very special thank you to Gene McGuire.  He has written almost a complete Blog at the Wisdom Cafe.    Gene literally is the person who got me to writing to others after I received one of his letters that he’s been mailing out to family and friends for twenty-five years or more.  That’s faithfulness.  He is encouraging and supportive (as are all of my Online friends).  He understands the work involved in committing to writing online. Though we’re separated by many miles I’m proud to call him one of my mentors and my friend.

* A special thanks also to the Disciples On Assignment– my Early Morning Prayer Friends who inspire so many writings and prayers: (alphabetical order) Carla, Carolyn, Esther, Jackie, Joann, Judy, Kathleen, Michelle, Patricia, Quame, Reese, Rose, Selena, Serena, Tera, Tina…also all of the prayer warriors in our network including: Merrell Cheeks, Lisa, Brother Andrew Valle, Janet Dorsey, Barbara, Carmella, Tanya & Matthew, Margaret, Yvonne White and Robin Anderson…our prayer friends …we’ll be adding more names

* A special thanks to family members for all of their good support!




FYI- Did you know that Technorati reports 172 million Blogs on the Internet? That supposedly does not include 72 million Blogs from China! WOW! With all of that competition…we’re Blessed! We’re expecting a lot more traffic and that’s a fact!



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “Cafe Sozo Hits The 300,000 Mark!

  1. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much! Your site is phenomenal and we’re Blessed to know you. The messages are so anointed and Blessed! Continue in your endeavors and God will back it. Prayers for you and your family continue.

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