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Prophecy: The Next Presidency, The Oil Crisis & President Bush by Kim Clement Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senator Barack Obama (Born Again believer)

Editor’s Note: We claim “no” affiliation with either party…no loyalties to either party; but we thought it interesting to provide this prophecy for reasons beyond ordinary comprehension. We’ve included both pictures since the prophecy doesn’t say who’s the next president. On a personal note we like the candidates as people but we all seem to agree that both political parties have some strong hurdles to cross and some tests to pass or fail. Let me note here that the mandate for change seemed to be a STRONG CRY…in this country. Americans have sent a powerful message to government; that they didn’t like the leadership of the last 8 years.

Cafe Sozo

Senator John McCain (reportedly Christian but not born again. He said he had not been baptized.)


Subject: Fwd: March 29, 08–Obama Prophecy

Here is the transcribed and APPROVED Obama prophecy that Kim gave in Harrisburg, PA.:


God says, “There is a sway in the political arena; a change in your political world. Enough of this discussion about Jeremiah Wright.” God said, “This makes no difference. It is a spirit that has endeavored to rock and sway the people and to divide them.” God said, “I will sway it next week. Yes, I will, and because of Pennsylvania, I will raise up the man I want,” says the Lord, “to rule and to reign and to declare victory in the Middle East.”

We declare victory in the Middle East tonight. We declare victory in America tonight.

For the Spirit of God says, “Hear, oh people of Zion. Those who have been afraid in Zion, those who have been afraid in this nation–fear not! For your news media has intimidated you, and therefore, it is My turn. Next week, I will arise. I will change everything.”


For they have unfairly spoken against an African man, and I’m not talking about Jeremiah Wright; I’m talking about Obama. For God said, “Even though you may think this or that, there is an element of righteousness inside of him to reach out for Jesus. Therefore, I will sway it next week,” says the Spirit of God, “and I will cause My man, My power–to exalt in the White House what is necessary to declare victory. For this time, I shall rise up and I shall make known who I am in a way that I have never done it in this nation,” says the Lord.


For the Spirit of God says, “Do not say, ‘Is it this one or is it that one?’ Hear me out. I am raising up My mantle, My voice. This nation shall be awakened to a spiritual activity that has been dead for 42 years. Listen to Me,” says the Lord. “I will take over in a way and in a fashion that will bring a force of spiritual unity in this nation for the first time. You can believe it or not. I will take white and I will take African, and I will bring a unity in the Church between the two of them,” says the Spirit of God.

This night in America and in this next week, God has informed us to “watch” as He unfolds and reveals things so you will know that your nation has not been set aside for division and discord; but a time in the Church where African-American, where white or Caucasian, where Hispanic and every race in this nation under the spiritual guidance of the Spirit within a midst of war and division–will bring them to a place of unity.


And God said, “Where one race stood on the steps and covered the fields with million-men marches and Jesus proclamations, there shall be one of the greatest gatherings at the Capitol that you have ever seen,” says the Spirit of God. “This time it shall not be black, it shall not be white, it shall not be Hispanic, it shall not be from this or that belief, but there shall be a unified sound. Two years from now, where they will hear the sounds of faith and unity and within this next reign, there will be laws that will be changed in favor of the most High God. Not because of Democrat, not because of Republican, but because of spiritual unity and intervention. I will bring you out of what they call ‘a recession’ into your highest economy that you’ve ever had in your next four years,” says the Spirit of God. “Do not think it impossible, for it shall be so.”

“The gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders–the Apostles and the Prophets, the Teachers, the Evangelists, the Pastors”

“For the gatekeepers of this nation are not the Mayors nor the Senators. The gatekeepers of this nation are not the Congressmen or the Congresswomen. Yes, they are gatekeepers but the gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders–the Apostles and the Prophets, the Teachers, the Evangelists, the Pastors that I’ve raised up. And there shall be a sound of unity that will call from Heaven the manifestation of God as it has never been in this nation. Get ready for your sons and your daughters who will prophesy just like Joel said in the last days. In the last days your sons and your daughters, they shall be prophets and prophetesses and your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall have visions. This is that time,” says the Lord of hosts.


“Let not your opinion cloud your spiritual mind. You say, ‘What are you saying?'” The Spirit of God says, “Call them not denominations, rather abominations, for I am not speaking of these that have built walls. I’m speaking of the true warriors that shall sway the political field; that will sway the justice. It shall be more than a million gathered; more than a million gathered!” And God said, “They shall say, ‘Washington, what is this? This is a sound that we have never heard before.'”


And God said, “I will take the entire Northeast and I will shake it and the double portion that I promised upon the Elisha generation shall be released. Do not say we are in recession, for I will take the oil crisis and bring it to an end, and the rapidity of it shall take place because of the unity of the saints and the unity of the gatekeepers. Get ready, for what you have seen on the television regarding Jeremiah Wright and everybody else is not for evil, but for good. I will turn it around and bring unity in My house,” says the Lord of Hosts.


President George Bush (Born Again believer)

“Your present President will not leave his office or his term in shame. There will be a very precise vindication of numerous things that were scorned, that were mocked by men, that thought they knew but understood nothing. And when the baton is handed over,” God said, “there shall be no fear in the nation.” Now take that and be secure.

I speak not as a politician tonight. I speak to you as a prophetic voice. Not tolerated, but celebrated by the people. Stand firm, you and your house will serve the Lord. And as the prophet Joel said in the last days, your sons and your daughters… sons and daughters are being raised up to prophesy and to have visions. Old men to dream the dreams. That mantle has been cast upon the Church. Therefore, I would say your time of acceleration has reached its peak. You’re taking off!

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

NOTE: We found an additional prophecy and “some” say except for the timing that it points to Sarah Palin becoming President. Well, maybe not.

Governor Sarah Palin (Born Again believer)

A Born Again Christian President To Be In The White House by the year 2000

‘Somebody called the other day and said that I had prophesied that Bill Clinton would not be the president, that there’d be a new president. Well, I never said that, and I never prophesied that. I said the president of this, the final president of this century would be Spirit-filled, would be born-again and would be praying for this nation and lead them into the millennium with prayer. God has predicted somebody in the White House will do something big. Favor is coming not to the White House, but from the White House. Favor is coming towards the people of God…So, I still see a tremendous breakthrough in the White House. There is a new president coming to the White House. There is a new president coming to the White House, with a new Spirit…God said that He’s coming back for a glorious church without spot or blemish. That church has been born right now. That church is being born right now. That church is in the making right now. That church is in the making, whether we like it or not.”

Paul Crouch: “Also, let me ask you to repeat again: if I understood what you said, by the end of this century, the president, whoever he may be, is going to be born-again, Spirit-filled, and will be leading our nation in prayer. Now, did I understand that correctly?”

Kim Clement: “Absolutely, and I’ve said that all along, and I believe that with all my heart, and I’ve prophesied that and I’ll re-prophesy that if I have to tonight.” Praise the Lord, 2-4-1997

***Let’s pray that whoever gets the nod won’t be ashamed to lead our nation in prayer and that the prophecy is for such a time as this.



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

6 thoughts on “Prophecy: The Next Presidency, The Oil Crisis & President Bush by Kim Clement Wednesday, September 17, 2008

  1. What is the biblical truth that Obama is born again. Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit. Obama supports abortion and same sex marriage. How do you justify this?

  2. Dearest Virginia, welcome to our site. We don’t debate and we don’t judge; nor should any Christian who puts God first…God needs our unity not our divisions.

    I’ve been amazed at the way that Christians get entrenched in politics doing the same thing that the “world” does.

    It’s not my charge to judge Barack Obama being “born again” and his personal views as well as John McCain being “not” born again and his personal views (or even if he is now) Who are any of us to have so much authority? I wonder…

    Nor is it my job to justify any of their views.

    I can say this: when I didn’t know any better than to believe in “pro choice” and people’s right to their own religion or lifestyle…God was still a God of mercy towards me and He loved me just as much as people who truthfully knew otherwise. One day I woke up. It was love that saved me.

    I think we’re all going to be very surprised when this year ends. We’re all being tested. I sincerely hope that you will let nothing prevent you from passing the “love” test; perhaps one of the greatest challenges that we all must face (especially in the body of Christ). Blessings & Love


  4. Hi Joan! It seems like this is bothering a “lot” of people. In my spirit; I’m feeling like I know the answer; but I’ll ask God…on my way into the voting booth. I’m comfortable with waiting but you may not be. If you’re not certain, ask God to send you confirmation. He will. I think a lot of people are voting based on their opinions. I’ve made sure to “not listen” to the dirt each side has on the other; it’s piling up.

    Probably the best we can do is meditate on the Word (the bible) about it. If we do that we can’t miss. We just “have” to be obedient to the voice of God and not our peers or our comfort zone. Have I made up my mind yet? Yes, I’ve made up my mind to obey God.

    The “wrong” candidate won’t win. God’s vote counts.

    I believe that for believers by election time; the choice will be clear. No matter what- God will get His candidate in office. Maybe, not by the traditional sense. ..or maybe not? Anyway, I say:


    Blessings & Love

  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone watched Kim Clement’s LIVE EVENT on 10/18/08 on the Internet. I really would like to know what he said that night about the economy and the election ….. ANYONE???

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