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Radical Turns in The Next Presidency! Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I shun politics and religion. How about that? Both can be dangerous. They are so much alike; forces within themselves. But, I’m no atheist. I’m born again and proud of it.

That said; make no mistake…this country was founded on Godly principles. So the real question is: “Are either presidential candidate capable of continuing down that path?”


Who am I to say which one is. But, I trust that God can and will. Believers have to know that God will handle the outcome. He already knows who the winner is, but each of us has something personally rather spiritually at stake here. This is a high stakes contest.

I’ve stayed out of the political fray for quite some time; and have been a great observer.

Not many people have asked me what I think. I think I know why. They did not think they could handle my answer.

People misunderstand me so much that they were shocked when I said I went with my family to see Transformers! Go figure.


Our choice is clear as believers. We literally cannot support a party platform that endorses abortion. On the other hand some say we cannot endorse a party platform that oppresses the “have-nots” of our society.

Some people who are in debt are “have-nots ” in denial.”

(and call themselves middle class…ha!) IT’S COMPLICATED; BUT THAT’S THE REWARD OF THE BABYLONIAN SYSTEM.

So “some” people are in a real dilemma. Who comes 1st? Them or God?


Well, I’d say God comes first. So every believer is going to be forced to make that choice and only you and God will know about it when you get in the voting booth. How about that? It’s not about McCain or Obama…it’s about more than that. That’s where faith comes in.

I’ve seen so much ugliness from people (in and around politics) but even worse from politicians who ought to know better and are in a panic.

I love baseball. It’s the bottom of the ninth. Two are out. You and your faith are at the plate with the bat. The elephant is on the pitcher’s mound winding up to throw the ball. This is going to be good!

In August, God said the winner, would be clear because something big would happen…it has. If I say what it is I’d be telling too much; besides you…who are reading this aren’t stupid.

So, a lot of people will be disappointed…and a lot of people will be overjoyed…but remember that through it all…God’s thoughts are higher than our own. His ways are too.


A lot of people aren’t walking by faith. I’m sorry it’s the truth. Don’t get mad. Faith means that no matter what things look, like we do it God’s way.

I’m not trying to get anyone to vote any certain way. This is a completely different approach. See, if you talk to most people; they want to sway you. I can’t do that because I don’t know you. I’m just saying: “Consider God.”

God is seeking to unify the masses and to send a message to this country! A message of no more polarization; especially in the body of Christ.

You see, no matter how conservative one may be; and I am as well…there are some truths that can’t be ignored. Those “truths” may be our stumbling blocks; we may find.

I’ve got a short list of obstacles that we must overcome:

Don’t go into the voting booth hating the other side.

Don’t think “your way” is the only way. That’s politics…but most people say they aren’t political.

Just ask yourself: “What am I doing to actually bridge the gap in thinking, in lifestyles, in public policies? Are you praying?

Your answer just may “tell” why people are so divided.

So the true test of it all may be in your ability to accept the outcome; even if it’s “not” what you wanted or expected.

My prayer is for the Love to begin to pour out and flow all over our nation across all lines!


Our greatest test of love may not be measured by how much we love a friend..but instead by just how much we can love someone not just like us. They don’t “look” like us, they don’t “think” like us…they’re not like us…but God can use them too. God’s going to use this new president; you just watch and see. There will be no business as usual; the public will be surprised but the right things will be done. Politics will be OVERRULED no matter who wins.


Whatever way it goes…we’ll all be stretched.

Each of us must ask ourselves:

How much do I love God?

How much do I love my neighbor? IT MIGHT EVEN SOUND CORNY TO YOU; BUT IT’S TRUE.

Of course a lot of people just can’t do this. They just can’t “see” it. They are motivated by emotions and passions and they operate in that for what it’s worth. But just imagine…this one little exercise defines who you are. If you don’t get it…don’t worry…we’ll just keep praying that you will.

It’s going to all be KEY in this day and hour. Oh yeah…



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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