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Inauguration Highlights 2009 January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration






This was the big day and it did not let us down.  It was more than it was cracked up to be.  We give kudos to the media for great coverage of today’s event.  Oh what a great speech. It was a phenomenal day!

President-Elect Barack Obama …the 44th President of the United States!



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(Celebrities, Demi Moore & Ashton on Oprah, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  Sundance Film Festival, Miracle on the Hudson,  Inauguration Star Power and much more!)





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The Kim Clement Prophecy on Barack Obama Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(Please note before you even begin reading that some very credible prayer warriors in our prayer circle have heard the prophet Kim Clement at a prayer meeting in 2000 say that after George Bush Jr.’s presidency ended; a black man would be president. )  We’ve been looking at the landscape for quite some time knowing that such an action would be a miracle in the eyes of some…”but with God all things are possible.”

***We’ve always known  (not personally) the prophet Kim Clement and we greatly respect him at this site.    We know of his humility, sincerity and pursuit of God.  We’ve read varied “off the wall ”  Internet comments that have been negative towards him and we do not regard them in any way.  It’ alarming how many people are able to make unfounded inaccuracies.

***Quite a while back; before anyone knew who would be the party nominees; Kim Clement the prophet made a statement about the next presidency.  He was talking about Barack Obama.  We’re not political, so we didn’t know who he was; but we paid attention.  Never to take the words of a prophet lightly we searched the internet for some real world proof.

As it turns out the bloggers were busy…many originally loved Barack Obama made a nasty spin off and had begun to berate him to the point of ridiculous allegations.  (not worth rehashing)  The bloggers were even talking about Kim Clement.  They said emphatically he was a false prophet.  Some said the main evidence that he was false  being his talk about Barack Obama becoming president.   It was amazing how the tide turned after he won.  The same negative pundits turned on Sarah Palin.  The media (bloggers too) can be brutal and when people step into the public sphere; they must not forget that.

So. after we assessed everything; we printed the prophecy.  We’re offering it again because we did receive so many inquiries about it.  Here it is:


For they have unfairly spoken against an African man, and I’m not talking about Jeremiah Wright; I’m talking about Obama. For God said, “Even though you may think this or that, there is an element of righteousness inside of him to reach out for Jesus. Therefore, I will sway it next week,” says the Spirit of God, “and I will cause My man, My power–to exalt in the White House what is necessary to declare victory. For this time, I shall rise up and I shall make known who I am in a way that I have never done it in this nation,” says the Lord.


For the Spirit of God says, “Do not say, ‘Is it this one or is it that one?’ Hear me out. I am raising up My mantle, My voice. This nation shall be awakened to a spiritual activity that has been dead for 42 years. Listen to Me,” says the Lord. “I will take over in a way and in a fashion that will bring a force of spiritual unity in this nation for the first time. You can believe it or not. I will take white and I will take African, and I will bring a unity in the Church between the two of them,” says the Spirit of God.

This night in America and in this next week, God has informed us to “watch” as He unfolds and reveals things so you will know that your nation has not been set aside for division and discord; but a time in the Church where African-American, where white or Caucasian, where Hispanic and every race in this nation under the spiritual guidance of the Spirit within a midst of war and division–will bring them to a place of unity.


And God said, “Where one race stood on the steps and covered the fields with million-men marches and Jesus proclamations, there shall be one of the greatest gatherings at the Capitol that you have ever seen,” says the Spirit of God. “This time it shall not be black, it shall not be white, it shall not be Hispanic, it shall not be from this or that belief, but there shall be a unified sound. Two years from now, where they will hear the sounds of faith and unity and within this next reign, there will be laws that will be changed in favor of the most High God. Not because of Democrat, not because of Republican, but because of spiritual unity and intervention. I will bring you out of what they call ‘a recession’ into your highest economy that you’ve ever had in your next four years,” says the Spirit of God. “Do not think it impossible, for it shall be so.”

“The gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders–the Apostles and the Prophets, the Teachers, the Evangelists, the Pastors”

“For the gatekeepers of this nation are not the Mayors nor the Senators. The gatekeepers of this nation are not the Congressmen or the Congresswomen. Yes, they are gatekeepers but the gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders–the Apostles and the Prophets, the Teachers, the Evangelists, the Pastors that I’ve raised up. And there shall be a sound of unity that will call from Heaven the manifestation of God as it has never been in this nation. Get ready for your sons and your daughters who will prophesy just like Joel said in the last days. In the last days your sons and your daughters, they shall be prophets and prophetesses and your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall have visions. This is that time,” says the Lord of hosts.


“Let not your opinion cloud your spiritual mind. You say, ‘What are you saying?'” The Spirit of God says, “Call them not denominations, rather abominations, for I am not speaking of these that have built walls. I’m speaking of the true warriors that shall sway the political field; that will sway the justice. It shall be more than a million gathered; more than a million gathered!” And God said, “They shall say, ‘Washington, what is this? This is a sound that we have never heard before.'”



This is only an exerpt.  You can see the entire declaration here

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I Have A Dream…Revisited by Elaine Davenport Monday, January 19, 2009

If you listen very carefully to the “I Have A Dream” speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. many years ago; you’ll hear something that the media never talks about.  I heard it today for the first time and used it as a teaching tool to explain that era to my son who takes freedom for granted.



He said:

“In a sense we have come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked “insufficient funds.”

But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we have come to cash this check — a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now.”

I thought that was a powerful way of putting it and when I showed it to my son; he actually got it.


A  CASE OF OBEDIENCE  civil-rights2

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929.  If he were alive today; he would be eighty years old.  He died at the age of 39.  How old are you?  Think about it.

He was called:  “The Moral Leader Of Our Nation.”

The theme song of the movement was:  “We Shall Overcome…”

He gave his life for a purpose and a cause.  Dr. King  knew that he would die; he didn’t care.   Few refer to him as God’s man.  A man who was a willing vessel to be used by God to carry out God’s plan in the earth for this country.  A few people might get mad at me; but Abraham Lincoln took a similar path and faced a hard choice that cost him his life.

My own grandmother, a northerner had to travel south in the 1940’s.  She dreaded the trip.  She traveled with my mom who was a small child.  At a train stop she went to buy lunch for my mom.  They told her to go to the back door to get food; they could not allow her in the restaurant because she was a Black woman.  That was after she pleaded with them.  She was a devout woman of God; she didn’t dwell on it.  She only told me that story in passing.    She was a forgiving woman; that was her lifestyle.

SO ALSO  WAS DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR (forgiving).   The (then administration of the FBI; led by Herbert Hoover)  did a remarkable job of slandering him and trying to kill his reputation.  It was a clear example of persecution.  You would have to have mastered forgiveness to lead a non violent human rights movement in the segregated south of the 1950’s and 60’s under all of that pressure.



Life in this country prior to the Civil Rights Movement was not only tough for African Americans; but also for other minorities even if it was to lesser degrees.   However, the inhumane treatment of Black Americans born out of a slavery curse that didn’t want to die; spawned a powerful movement led by a man who clearly had to be hearing from God.  That man was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a baptist minister, married and the father of four young children.

At a time where Blacks had to endure slights, persecution, snubs and even hatred;  Dr. Martin Luther  Jr.   began to organize a movement based on non violent retaliation.  That was a hard ticket to sell.    It was the only ticket that would sell and get the world’s attention.  It was biblical; yet no one really talks about that when they recall those times.

Blacks were denied equal treatment even though the Supreme Court had approved equal treatment in schools as a precedent in 1954.  (Plessy vs. Ferguson)


Actually it was quite ingenius to have a Non-violent Movement.  That movement garnered the world’s attention and sympathy and as the focus turned towards the United States; the leader of the free world; it caused our leaders to become more introspective and examine the virtues that we purported.

Could you remain silent when told that you couldn’t use a restroom that was available; simply because of the color of your skin?

Could you be peaceful  in a circumstance with the sherriff  threatening to intimidate you with attack dogs  simply because  you are protesting  about treatment based on the color of your skin?



There were many unsung heroes in the Civil Rights Movement who also heard the call of God and we don’t know all of their names; but we pray for those families and their sacrifices and the legacy that they have and that it will be upheld.   I do remember the three Civil Rights Workers who lost their lives: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner.    Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo (April 11, 1925March 25, 1965) was a civil rights activist from the U.S. state of Michigan and mother of five, who was murdered by Ku Klux Klan members after the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama.

As we remember Dr. King Jr. and his family; please let us also continue to remember and pray for these families too.


It took our country a long time to heal; and the healing process has taken longer for some than others.  I have always been optimistic; yet realistic about this.    Please continue to pray for our country as the devil attempts to cause divisions that we bind in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You Dr. King for your obedience! Because of it; you changed the world!