13 thoughts on “Rescue by Don Moen (Music Video) Thursday, March 26, 2009

  1. I am a believer of our lord. when I hear the Don,
    it touches me so vividly and my existence reached
    to a state where Iam diminished to O
    I am very much Inspired his speech,way of putting across the matters related to stories of real life
    I am following him for the last 9 years and i wish himgood luck for all his good work

  2. Your words are so inspiring and so much of peace overcomes when I hear your songs which refreshes my mind and soul. Your videos are great. I pray that the our God will continue to bless you and give you the strength and power to reach out to many many many more souls and win them all for the Jesus. God bless.

  3. thank you for your songs GOD is healing the world
    through you i wish all success for and continue to
    call people to JESUS CHRIST because is soon

  4. please i need your prayer over my life. and i want to be your sales-rep of your albums in nigeria. i wil like to here from you. thanks.

  5. i love moen,he encourages me when ever i listen to his music,especially arise,all we are like sheeps,its awesome wow…

  6. I watched the Video” Rescue “by Don.I won’t say it is one of the best,having said that ,I can really confess that ,I am one of his die hard fan.This not just happened overnight,I literally
    follow each words of his songs and speeches and try to derive the bibilical meanings and directly attached to my conscience and find where I am coming from.Once I do that, it is absolutely fantastic.This feelings are just amazing.

    I always try to be in the song and make it a tool to find comfort in my day to day life.
    I quote “He says,In our day today lives ,we puzzled,Jesus stand by us,stood for us and he also said The God pour his glorious graces in direct proportion what we require in our daily lives. Is that Great?

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