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The Thrill of Victory! by Elaine Davenport




Can you imagine getting a mandate from God to put up a Christian Coffeehouse on the Internet and you need a computer?  More specifically you need a laptop?  They cost more.    That was the case here.  I had nothing and knew nothing about the Internet, bloggers or web sites.   For over 15 months, I blogged 10 hours or more per day to build traffic.  Many came to help…thank you so much!


We opened our doors on the Internet over two years ago at another address.  We were expecting the kind of crowd that they used to have at some of the best Midnight Madness sales…ha!  That wasn’t gonna happen.  After six months of daily blogging and set ups…only 3,000 people had trickled in.  We tried many approaches…befriending other bloggers, begging people to contribute, being consistent, writing catchy titles, prayer…but alas…we even added another site…and nothing happened.

DID WE GIVE UP?  NO.  We couldn’t…it was an assignment.  We had to remain obedient.  We had a mandate to put this site up.  Our wonderful minister today spoke about how God is a Lover and not a Hater …and this is so true.  God didn’t set us up to fail…so despite the fact that there was no instant success…we pushed on.

Eventually, we moved to this site.  We then created seven different sites.  I remember when I sent out a mass email blast telling people that we hit 16,000 visitors!  I was so proud.

So thank you for coming.  Some of you kept coming back…over and over and over the years.

When we added pictures and videos our finger traffic began to qyadruple…thanks.

Believe it ir not…though we never sold a thing or tried to…we have been Blessed with so much.  God has always given and still continues to give the increase.

Right now…we find ourselves with an incredible  backlog of addressing comments…but “nothing is impossible” with God.  We shall overcome…Yeah!


The Devil Never Quits   (My Testimony)

“Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?” he asked Peter. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

Matthew 26:41a

Just an additional comment…right around the time  this site hit 800,000 visitors…the devil decided to test me and I almost failed.    I say this happened right after a fast and constant prayer.  One day after a very busy schedule, I laid down to rest.  It seemed so innocent…I was tired.  I’ll warn you in advance…this is an unusual story involving spiritual warfare.

In my sleep, I was in a house and noticed a little cubby hole in the attic.  I saw a man come out and give a flat rock to someone and order them to look at it.  The man was an evil man.   The person didn’t do it because they were afraid.  In the dream, the man returned later with a vengence and destroyed the person.  It was a dream…and at that point I didn’t remember that it was a dream.  I was very apprehensive of that man.  Before I knew it he had given me a flat rock with the same instructions and the same ultimatum.  Meditate and look into this flat rock or face his vengence!

It sounds so dub…but I was sleep and I felt trapped…I walked around and around with that rock and then from somewhere I remembered …The Blood...I began to plead it and I got B-O-L-D!


Well, of course, after I did that…the man disappeared…of course…