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Is Halloween An Evil Day? by Elaine Davenport


We do not celebrate Halloween at our home.  The bible says to give the devil no place and he cannot have a place in our home!  That’s a fact.  On Halloween, I’ll be sitting somewhere confessing scriptures out of one of my  favorite books:   Prayers That  Rout Demons by Jon Eckhardt.  I already told you that I’m a radical.  I make no apologies for that.

Is it that serious?  OH YEAH!!!!

Okay, okay, I concede that after all that you read here you (liberal soul) still want to let your sweet little children celebrate the darkness…go ahead…but know this:  There is a harvest off of what you do …You create your harvest…the bible says so.  You reap what you sow.

You’ve had dealings with the devil; but you may not realize it.   Most people don’t.  But there’s a powerful group out here who knows that satan is real and they WILL NOT celebrate Halloween as a day of darkness!    I won’t either…nor will I pretend it’s harmless…that’s stupidity!

Would a Muslim celebrate a day whose purpose is to honor a pig?

Would a descendent of the slaves celebrate The Confederacy?

Would any decent citizen celebrate a serial killer?

Would anyone who realizes that something is dangerous celebrate it?

What if you don’t see or feel that there is danger?

Well, then I’d like you to read this:

Father, I ask you right now to give any person who does not perceive the danger of celebrating Halloween in it’s current tradition; enlightenment in the name of Jesus.  Please send worthy laborers to cross their path th give them wisdom and revelation knowledge and show them your Glory.  I Thank You.

If I’m being honest; Halloween is an ordinary day.  However, it is one of the main Holidays of Satanists and witches.   Most people think it’s harmless, but Satanists proclaim that they take it very seriously.  Halloween was founded on the fear that dead spirits could occupy people who are alive.  It is the eve before November 1, 2009 a day that celebrates the Lord of the Dead.  (Satan)

There is an argument that prevails by many who misunderstand.  Apparently, Christians in years past celebrated it to counter the celebration of the darkness.  Some  have used this information to argue that Halloween was a Christian holiday.  This is done to confuse people and cause contention.  Many Christians don’t want to lose the tradition; they like it; but it is not of God.    Many think that rejection of  celebrating Halloween  as a day of fear;  is carrying things a tad too far.

Children love Halloween because it’s a chance to get free candy,  have a little freedom as they chase from house to house to get the freebies and they get to dress up in wierd costumes.   They don’t know any better. It is an inherited tradition for most of mainstream Americans.  It has just been recent years that protests against Halloween have begun to arise  decibels  above a whisper.

Now, many Christian churches have created their own type of celebration  .

The Bible says :

1Thess 5: 21-22:  (“Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.”)

Deuteronomy 18: 9-14: (do not learn to imitate detestable ways, including spiritists, sorcerers and witchcraft)


One of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard is about the Baptist church in  Canton, North Carolina that is going to be burning bibles that aren’t The King James version.    I’m not making it up; read this:

“We are burning Satan’s bibles like the NIV, RSV, NKJV, TLB, NASB, NEV, NRSV, ASV, NWT, Good News for Modern Man, The Evidence Bible, The Message Bible, The Green Bible, ect. These are perversions of God’s Word the King James Bible.

We will also be burning Satan’s music such as country , rap , rock , pop, heavy metal, western, soft and easy, southern gospel , contempory Christian , jazz, soul, oldies but goldies, etc.

We will also be burning Satan’s popular books written by heretics like Westcott & Hort , Bruce Metzger, Billy Graham , Rick Warren , Bill Hybels , John McArthur, James Dobson, Charles Swindoll , John Piper, Chuck Colson, Tony Evans, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swagart, Mark Driskol, Franklin Graham , Bill Bright, Tim Lahaye, Paula White, T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn , Joyce Myers, Brian McLaren, Robert Schuller, Mother Teresa , The Pope , Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Donald Miller, Shane Claiborne, Brennan Manning, William Young, etc.”

Now, I operate in love, but I am SERIOUSLY asking you to pray for these misguided people.  (that’s my opinion)    It saddens me greatly to see Christians calling other Christians heretics!  The devil must love that.  I’m not Catholic, but I won’t be slammin on the Pope.  C’mon  now.  Pray for that church people.  Pray for them…




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

3 thoughts on “Is Halloween An Evil Day? by Elaine Davenport

  1. It’s funny that someone would write in to say that Halloween is simply harmless. What a foothold the devil has on the minds of many. I’m curious to know what religions actually do let their loved ones celebrate Halloween.

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