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Faith Bloggers Burn Out! by Elaine Davenport November 10- November 17, 2009


I am going to talk about something for which I have great expertise.    That is Blogging.  I have plenty of wounds and medals to show for it.   I have seen some things that I didn’t want to see.  I’ve heard some things that I didn’t want to hear.  Originally, it was like walking across a mine field.  However, I’ve made invaluable friendships all over the world.  I would not trade it for anything!

The good side of Faith Blogging is that the sky is the limit…people WILL come to hear what God has to say if you are truthful.   Stick to the Word of God and let God lead you.  Do not compromise the truth.  Don’t alter, don’t add.

The bad side is that there are many distractions and great warfare to stop you from being a Faith Blogger.

THE VERY FIRST TIME THAT I PUT UP MY WEBSITES; ALL OF THEM CRASHED AT THE SAME TIME!  (It was a faith test; God restored them within 1 minute of when I prayed.)

There are not enough Christian Faith Bloggers.    WE NEED MORE!  It is a big step so think about it and pray about it.

Some bloggers have made themselves bad reputations and have brought the profession a bad name because of the liberties that they have taken.     As a rule, I’d say that these are not faith bloggers.

However,  faith bloggers must be warned; it isn’t an easy job!   Many Christians come online and forget they are Christians.  They get influenced by the prevailing mindsets.  People on the Internet are very opinionated…aren’t you?

Here are some tips to avoid burn out:



1.  The fact that you like to write; not necessarily hear yourself speak is a plus to this endeavor.

2. Know in advance what it is specifically that you’re going to be talking about.  Do not stray from the focus.

3.  The Internet is a place with great distraction; be prayed up before any blogging endeavor.

4. Prepare yourself for the unexpected.

5.  Those who disagree with you will outnumber those that do agree.

6. Decide if you’ll even entertain the detractors.  (I do not. and they know it.)

7.  POST, POST, POST .  Schedule your time correctly.  If you have a Blog you must post regularly.  I’d recommend daily to start and after you build a following you can cut back.

8. Consider more than one blog and tie them together.

9.  Keep your eye on your behind the scenes statistics; who is coming to read what you have to say and where are they coming from.  Certain Blogging sites provide this data while others do not.  Be advised of this.

10.    If you treat it as a chore it will show up in your writings; I don’t know exactly how but it does.  The people that come will actually examine your site to weigh your dedication.

11.  PRAY PRAY PRAY.  For direction, what to write and pray for Faith friends to support you abd for traffic to come where people will be Blessed.
12.  Do not offend; but do not compromise your faith.

13.  NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendster, MySpace  etc. are all good ways to make connections.  This is not an all encompassing list.
14.  Google Reader will allow you to build networks through emails.  This will Bless people and bring traffic.
15.  Seek ways to update your site and to make it visually appealing.

16.  You need Faith Blogging friends…pray about it and proceed cautiously.  If you’ll visait their sites and leave comments, they’ll do the same for you…usually.  Seek linking partnerships.

17.  Do not allow your personal life to overwhelm your Faith Blogging or vice versa.

18.  If the computer starts acting up; pray for a new one.  (I’m serious)

19.  Stay in faith!  If God means for you to take the message to the nations via the Internet, HE will send the provision.  Your job is to be obedient and willing.

20. Keep confessing the Word of God over yourself and your Blog.

21.  Expect increase.  Be confident.

22.  Expect the enemy to surface time and time again, he is a defeated foe!  Don’t forget that.  He will use people.  Your job is to stay on the path.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I am not writing this because I’ve burned out, but because it may appear glamorous to many; but it can be if indeed the person(s )totally understand the dynamics.

I originally was in a network of 6 Faith Bloggers, but two of them are no longer writing.  There is a third that I am led to believe that they are changing their genre ultimately.  That leaves three out of the original 6. I have since added 5 more but I do pray daily for my fellow Faith Bloggers including those that took a time out.




I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “Faith Bloggers Burn Out! by Elaine Davenport November 10- November 17, 2009

  1. Hi Gladwell! These were all things I recalled along the way. I’ll be also praying for you guys as well. Thanks for your kind friendship. God is truly amazing Love E

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