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(Faith Whispers)The Devil’s By-Pass! by E. Davenport Feb. 4- 11, 2010


The devil caught Jesus when he came off of  a forty day fast and offered him all the kingdoms of the world.

It’s no coincidence that he was there.  Carefully scheming against the Son of God.   Of course, his strategy did not pay off.

A By Pass is simply an alternate route.  If it is different than the one that God gave you; don’t take it!!!

So often, in our walk with God after much prayer and meditation we are led to envision a clear path to carry out a certain goal or aim.  Sometimes we find ourselves rehearsing it over and over.

And then…

the thought comes…

A subtle pleading of thoughts that persistently tell us to do it another way.    Sometimes we listen; and guess what?  Things don’t work out. I hear it all the time.  Really I do.

Adam had rule over the Garden of Eden; he let a verbal suggestion from Eve cause them to lose their dominion over the earth.  By the way; the serpent represented the adversary or the devil…

So, the next time that you get a “thought” out of nowhere suggesting that you go another way than what you know in your heart…just remember :  “The Devil’s By-Pass” and say:  No Thanks!

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Florida Lottery Winner Loses All! (You Tube Videos) Feb. 2-9, 2010

Abraham Shakespeare won 30 million dollars, a former truck driver assistant who owed back Child Support.  He took a cash payout of seventeen million dollars!  He is gone and the money is gone.



30 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Missing; Police fear foul play!

The Lottery Curse


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(Faith Whispers) Why Worry? January 31- Feb. 6, 2010

Jesus preached The Kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:  31-33 (READ HERE)


I am in a wonderful prayer group. We’ve been friends for a very long time.  About a year ago,  the group began to get larger and larger and there was a need to have more order and structure.    I became “concerned” about having the right agenda, prayer points,  chairs, food and all kinds of logistics.  By the time that we did have a prayer meeting; I literally was the only one that got nothing out of it.   That made me sad and I had to pray about a solution.  I asked God if He would send someone to help and instead…it seemed that He just sent more people.

The new people were different.  They came from different cultures and their love for God and eagerness to please Him was a Blessing to me.

I got on my knees again…and prayed …and asked God for help. This time I heard a voice in my heart that said:  “Why worry?” Okay, I said.  …I’ll tell you that I said okay somewhat reluctantly.     God continued to speak to my heart as the day of the next meeting drew closer and as I was making plans.    I realized that it was not my meeting; but God’s meeting and that He would make everything okay.  You need to know…that God did just that!   I am so very thankful…and my lesson is that no matter the problem…I will give Him thanks as I remember that my job is to seek The Kingdom of God .  That’s God’s way of doing things.   I am to enter into His rest.  That is a lot easier; a lot better than doing things my way.    I am kingdom minded in all I do.  That is  my total focus.   That’s who I am!

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When “You” Know Better by E. Davenport January 30, 2010

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.  James 4: 17

Wow, that says a lot!  I  have often missed it.

Many years ago, I had no compassion for people who were sick.  They made me uncomfortable and I acted as though it was contagious or a weakness.  I was void of compassion.  I wasn’t mean, I was just indifferent.  I don’t know why.  I’d be kind and polite, but I would not go the extra mile.  I knew the right thing to do, but I didn’t because I was selfish.  This was my impression of myself.  I assure you that no one that I was this way, but I felt that I was holding back; that I could do more.  Something had happened in my childhood that made me that way and I had to get over it!

Then, I got sick and my recovery took years; approximately six years .  Not with just one thing, but with one thing after another.    When all was said and done…I was healed and in great health.  I went from taking 17 pills a day to none.  I went from a wheel chair to a perfect walk.  But, the most important thing is that my heart had changed; I now understood.  I could now relate to sick people .  I began to seek them out. In fact, it was that “epiphany” that led me to writing on the Internet. It was those experiences that led me to become an exhorter and an encourager.  Who can you encourage today?

Surely there must be someone.

But, this isn’t about me…it’s about you.  What are you doing that you know better than to do it?  It’s something.  Evaluate yourself today.  Examine yourself.  Are you thankful?  Are your thoughts pure and lovely?  Are you standing in faith?  You know all the questions…and you can give the answers.

If your heart is telling you to do something  that is opposite to what you are actually doing; it’s time to pay attention.  Pray and ask God to lead you to the answer  and to give you the strength to carry it out!