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Dr. Martin Luther King: A Life Changing Movement by E. Davenport January 18-25, 2010

Today we celebrate the birthdate of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It would be nice to be able to say that everyone loved him, but in my research I realized that this wasn’t the truth.    There are a lot of haters out there; though I cannot figure out why.  They seem to want to point out his imperfections.  Rumors and maybe some facts…I do not know.  I do know that time has passed and history has proven him to be a valiant man ahead of his time.

He is one of the few spiritual men that this country has ever honored with a National Holiday.  He was a man sent by God.

I am not trying to put him on a pedestal or put him in the bible but for a fact…he was sent by God.  His speeches are prophetic and none have proven to be false.    Many of them were presented almost as visions.    In his last speech featured below; he seemed to realized that his noble deeds would lead to his death.

Minority Americans once lived in fear especially in the southern states which were allowed to do their own thing as sort of an appeasement to hold the nation together.

African slaves had once been the livelihood of many southern  families and because of that, many were unable to accept them as equals or treat them fairly.  The segregation movement was formed from a root of bitterness.  This is a fact and it became contagious.

It was continuing to escalate and life for a southern minority had become oppressive and unnerving laced with apprehension and fear!


The Civil Rights Movement in the United States needed a leader and  God hand-picked Dr. Martin Luther King a minister to lead a successful, toiling non-violent movement.    The things that all of us saw; especially those of us in the north who had not been exposed to much of it…pierced our hearts and tore into our national conscience.

It’s amazing the role that pride played in this movement.  The guilty parties even with the help of the police seemed to step up their game in front of the  cameras of the world and much of that along with our moral code of judgment and fairness led to the fall of a wrongful segregation movement.

Proud Klansmen paraded down public streets defiant wearing hoods that represented their feelings of superiority.  The wearing of hoods sent a signal that if they had to be worn then it wasn’t something to be proud of.


When God uses any man…that man will not be perfect…but there will still be a heart check to let us know the man was sent by God.  To lead a non-violent movement  that by all accounts could have easily failed a leader must be rooted in the Word of God and understand the love of God.  Dr. King Jr. clearly was a man called for such a time.

Why did they have to kill Dr. King?  It was a message that was being sent.  It was demonic.  It was an attempt by cowardly men used by the devil to invoke a spirit of fear.  It was hate centered on one man.  It was a futile effort to squash a movement that was destined to succeed.  The people had spoken and rejected the oppression and some ignorant small-minded people who were unaware that God was controlling it all…were angry and bitter.

Many will say it was about color BUT it was not.  It was about human compassion and it was about doing the “right” thing.  God could only use someone who could abandon self and be obedient and He found such a  man.

You see…our obedience can deliver us, and the world around us.

The adversary of the brethern Satan did give the temptation, and the rumors  that Dr. King did succumb to many temptations.

However, there does not seem to be any concrete evidence of insiders who examined things from a spiritual perspective; that much is lacking.  All that we really have to go on are the speeches and they are laced with many spiritual truths.

The Civil Rights Movement was one of those LIFE CHANGING MOVEMENTS.

God is still looking for leaders to lead life changing movements; will you be one of them?



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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