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Soul Exchange: A Bad Bargain! by Elaine Davenport March 1-8, 2010


36For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

37Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

38Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.  Mark 8  (KJV)

I wanted to write about people selling their souls.  You have heard this expression many times.  Probably the most famous story that I have heard of is The Portrait of Dorian Gray by  Oscar Wilde.

He literally made a pact with the devil to  stay young forever.  OF course the devil didn’t tell him just how bad it would be.  How wise of him.  How deceptive.

Today, we find a lot of people doing that…a soul exchange.  Perhaps they do it to be rich, to be independent and make their own rules; maybe it is pride or fun or eases someone’s guilt.  I do not know; all I know is that it is a bad bargain.   

A friend of mine wanted some furniture really badly.  They went into a store and signed a contract to pay for $5,000.  They recently received a bill that says if they make thew minimum payments; it will take twenty-seven years to pay this off!  Also they will have paid at least five times what the furniture is worth…and they don’t even like it any more.  DEBT IS A LOUSY EXCHANGE for self gratification!  No doubt.

The amplified bible explains that in this passage when the bible says give it means  that in the exchange something of value is given for something else of value (the soul).

Look here:

Though many even on the Internet say the bible says nothing about selling your soul…AHH  GEE:  What do you think Judas did  when he took thirty pieces of silver  (in exchange for)  to show the soldiers where Jesus was?  He was so remorseful when he realized what he had done…that he took his life.n  See, Judas knew what he was doing; he had been taught by Jesus.  But, we must realize that a lot of people are blinded to the truth and convinced by deception; that their eternity is sure or does not matter!

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Jacob’s Trouble by Martin A. Cisneros February 21-28, 2010

Jeremiah 30:7

Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it.

Jacob’s Trouble

Society is filled with offers for deliverance. If you have a toothache, a dentist can take care of it. If you have money problems, you can get help from a financial planner. If you have a headache, most stores carry a variety of medications designed to relieve your pain. But some troubles are so great that only God can bring deliverance.

It was this latter kind of deliverance that Jeremiah foresaw in the future for Israel. The Jewish people would go through many trials. In Jeremiah’s day, the temple would be destroyed and the people would be taken to Babylon for a 70-year exile. Shortly after the time of Christ, Jerusalem was destroyed again (A.D. 70) and the Jews were scattered to the four corners of the earth. In the 20th century, these much-maligned people were decimated by the Nazi Holocaust. Jeremiah warned that a future time of trouble would distress Jacob, a symbol for Israel, much worse than anything they had experienced thus far. Yet the prophet concluded this fearsome prediction with a promise: “But he shall be saved out of it.”

This is the promise that every believer can hold to as well. Even though the “time of Jacob’s trouble” specifically refers to Israel, we all face our own troubles. And sometimes these difficulties become more severe than we can handle. Perhaps cancer strikes, or a loved one dies, or we lose our job and can’t find another. In the midst of these tribulations, God assures us we shall be saved out of them.

If you are going through a trial that seems more severe than what you’ve ever faced before, look to God for deliverance. Take confidence in the promise that, at the right time, God will save you out of it. That’s His word to you.

Keep looking up. Your redemption is drawing near

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Beware of terrorists groups in church… February 24- March 3, 2010

Beware of terrorists groups in church… (A Parody)

These are television actors…but the terrorist cells look like everyday people…because they are.
Latest news reports are that five terrorist cell groups have been operating in many of our churches. They have been identified as: Bin Sleepin, Bin Arguin, Bin Fightin, Bin Complainin, and Bin Missin.

Their leader, Satan Bin Workin, trained these groups to destroy the Body of Christ. The plan is to come into the church disguised as Christians and to work within the church to discourage, disrupt, and destroy.

However, there have been reports of a sixth group. A tiny cell known by the name Bin Prayin is actually the only effective counter terrorism force in the church. Unlike other terrorist cells, the Bin Prayin team does not blend in with whoever and whatever comes along.

Bin Prayin does whatever is needed to uplift and encourage the Body of Christ. We have noticed that the Bin Prayin cell group has different characteristics than the others. They have Bin Watchin, Bin Waitin, Bin Fastin, and Bin Longin for their Master, Jesus Christ to return.


(However, you can spot them if you bin lookin and bin goin..)

Editor’s Note:  And irregardless…going is way better than staying home; don’t be fooled!

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Be Holy by E. Davenport Feb. 23- March 2, 2010

We live in a society that is falling apart at the seams morally.   My job is not to call people out; but my job is to encourage and point people to God.  There’s a little more…but not now...

The Law therefore is holy, and [each] commandment is holy and just and good. Romans 7: 12

This is our charge to be holy and there is a lot to it; but we can start by immersing ourselves in the commandments; for each is good.   I just want to encourage you today to get out your bible and begin to acquaint yourselves with the commandments.  I’m doing that now.  You know, I’m concerned because the devil keeps taking  inch by inch and  many people are conceding.

For example, God’s law says:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me…but people have many gods.    This is a great example of what I am talking about:


The bible tells us to love; we don’t like we should and we could all do more.

God commands us to forgive and love our neighbors as ourselves….but many people overlook that.  We’ve got enough money in this country to wipe out the Homeless population; but it’s still there.

The widows are suffering and it would be worse except for Social Security.

We’re told not to covet; but this is one covetous society where everyone wants what everyone else has.  People are walking away from houses they could not afford in the first place.  The repo man is exhausted from picking up  cars that people can’t pay for.  The banks reached a new level of greed trying to do what they saw other people do in corporate America in the U.S.  and the story goes on and on…but God says be ye Holy!