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Brownsville Revival-Allison Ward’s Testimony February 13-20, 2010

Hello, I take great pleasure in posting this!   You see though I saw it a little while ago and was greatly impacted, I forgot about it.  However, last night I attended a Healing Crusade and saw something so close that I must post this and tell you just how authentic it is!  I shall never forget this!  Neither should you!



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

2 thoughts on “Brownsville Revival-Allison Ward’s Testimony February 13-20, 2010

  1. Never forget? This kind of thing is what I get daily! And no crusade is needed. I get it all the time, I have been a Christian for ten days(!) only, alone in a log cabin without Bible, other people, churches, Tv, only a slow internet connection, and 4000 mg methadone to commit sucicde with! Before that I was drinking it I threw myself on the floor: I screamed Jesus I don’t believe in you and you know that – if you do exist. But if you do, you must know also that I WANT TO DIE AND THAT I WILL TAKE ALL THIS METHADONE; IF YOU CAN STOP ME GIVE THAT FAITH THE CHRISTIANS ARE SPEAKING OF. PLEASE GIVE ME THE FAITH, PLEASE!

    It came like a rocket, into my heart, NOONE prayed for me, noone asked for HOLY SPIRIT – that came 2 days later, it shook me so that I could hardly stand on my feet. THE LORD (as I automatically called him!) showed me ppl who suffered, told me to PM them – I got abuse and scorn for that but also some frightened responses (HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!) He sent me storms of tears, he showed me the universe – I had been a raving atheist all my life – and told of how he grieved of the humans contempt for Him when had made all this with all those trillions of suns and quadrillions of planets! I was so humiliated, I yelled “Forgive me for that unspeakable sin of ever having doubted that you made all this, I pay for this crime for the rest of my life!”

    PAY?!?!?!? I didn’t have to pay for anything – all is forgiven, He showed me the mystery of the Cross, that corny thing that I have always ridiculed – ‘phoney Christians with their disgusting blood cult’. And the thankfulness for WHat He has done almost broke my heart! Can you believe what God can do??? I can call Jesus anytime, if I am anguished or scared, and believe me, I am, every day I say ‘Noone can rise from the dead, it’s impossible’ and then I shout *Please Jesus take away my doubts, is this satan? Please help me!* And he comes EVERY TIME; EVERY TIME! And shoots a rocket of love, peace, forgiveness and joy into me! I have been a heroin and metadone addict for decades, and scoffed and laughed at all christian things, Universe is big bang etc.

    CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT THE LORD CAN DO?? HE CAN DO ANYTHING! The most wonderful thing is that Jesus is so SUDDEN, SO SHOCKINGLY OBVIOUS! It’s not a question of praying and hoping for an answer – No I get answers so clear that I reel. Storms of tears, pictures, joy for others. I have contacted unknown people on the other side of the ocean in US, and told them that they are on their way to BEING SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST, and they say GLORY I FELT IT; I FELT IT! All this He is doing with a totally useless, former scoffer, who has been Christian less than two weeks. And it doesn’t end – the more I get the more I get! Like Alison Ward, I am reeling, but I don’t need other christians, it’s enoug to ask Jesus for advice. The minute I obey his commands, Holy spirit shakes me so that I AM GLOWING; YES GLOWING!

    THIS IS THE LOVE THAT SHINES THROUGH THE UNIVERSE; ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS ISN*T ANYTHING BUT THOUGHT SYSTEMS. I listened to a Swedish Christian song who went: When the sun one day will get cold and dark, the Name Of Jesus will still GLOW! AND TO MY UTTER AMAZEMENT THAT IS THE TRUTH! YES IT*S TRUER THAN 2+2=4. GLORY OH GLORY! I just wanted to say this to all of you who maybe have a hard time with your faith, he assured me of one thing when I nagged him too much: THOSE WHO COME TO ME – AND THAT IS WHAT I WANT – YOU MAY LEAVE ME; BUT I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU. YOU JUST HAVE TO CALL FOR ME! MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN!

    LET HIM RULE TO 100%!

    I am only trying to figure out why I have been so blessed, it CANNOT be because I am sort of a superior being, nor is it just because it happened to please the Lord. I am convinced that we all can get so blessed – in fact i KNOW this, since I find new ones everyday. The hard thing is to stop condemning others, stop loving money, stop disobedience to Christ, and to TRY to make yourself small and love your enemies. It’s not easy! But it WILL get easy if YOU LET HIM RULE COMPLETELY!

    The early Christians had no Pauline letters, certainly no revelation, they heard the Gospel and got instantly HOLY SPIRIT AND WERE SAVED! The Kingdom of God is here on earth – that is enough for me to know, and to enter it is divine. The more you say to Jesus that you do not have to have, the more he enters and rules in his Kingdom of God.
    To witness of Him that saved my life in my most desperate hour is nothing to me, I want to do much more, but He must not let me explode of happiness, I forget to eat and sleep, just witness. I didn’t know that the Lord has a sense of humour! I witnessed a video where people were laughing uncontrollably, and I thought it was phoney, and said so at the commentary boards. Well, an hour later I asked for Holy Spirit but none came, instead he sent a hysterical laughter upon me for about 2 minutes, much more hysterical than the one I witnessed on youtube! I could almost hear Him say:” How about not judging things that you obviously do not understand, eh?”

    I live in atheistic Sweden – 7% “Christians” and 0.3% believe in Jesus – so it was certainly not the religious atmosphere around me that made me experience this!

    Hundens Husse

    Glory to His Divine Name!

    Sweden 2010-10-21

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