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Healing Crusade Refresher February 13-19, 2010


I can count using a few fingers my visits to other churches.  As most that know me will tell you…I just don’t do that too much.  Well, about a month ago at a prayer meeting, I was invited by a young brother in the Lord Jerry to visit his church to see him be a part of the praise and worship; and to attend the Healing Crusade that they were having.   He had invited me for over a year and yes, I had attended once.  Outside of a great word, loving people and an awesome Praise and Worship service; not a lot happened.  I guess that’s funny because that’s speaking a mouthful church-wise. But, my friend Jerry wasn’t there and it would actually be a few weeks before I was able to share that with him.  I enjoyed it enough to eventually go back last night; but I felt bad when they said:”  You should have been here on Wednesday; the Holy Ghost was moving!”  Don’t you hate it when you hear that?

So, I told Jerry that I would be there.  He was so excited.  Jerry is dear to me.  He’s been a good friend for years.  He is also a prayer intercessor and though outwardly we have nothing seemingly we have nothing in common; inwardly we  are kindred spirits, years apart.  Our passion for God is so much alike; but our callings are different except that we pray for others.

Our prayer group had moved from having meetings at my house to larger sites and we once held a “gathering” and Jerry showed up with a guitar  to leads us in worship.  I remember telling my husband:  “Well, I suppose this is God’s way of telling us that he wants men at our meetings.  And so, we invited them from that time forward.   I have so many “Jerry” stories; but then again…so does the entire prayer group.  I have never met such a young man so excited about God and quite frankly; it’s refreshing!

My dear friend Patricia hears from God. I know this.  She is a humble soul for a fact.  But, when she called me on the day of the event to ask if I was going…I thought to myself:  “If you are, I am!” But, I did tell her…well I gave Jerry my word even though I forgot about it…I’m going!

So last night, Pat, Rose, Allegra and myself all piled into Pat’s car and headed south down to Jerry’s church.

When we arrived; we noted that the parking lot was packed!  We excitedly went inside.    They sat us down front.  IT was amazing to be so close and to be in the center of all of the beautiful praise that was going forth!  I felt like I had been transported into heaven.  At one point I broke out into a run around my seating section out of joy.  I noticed that no one else did that!  It was most unusual for me to do that because my feet had been a bother for many days.  What a challenge they had become.

The lady next to me grabbed my hand and we both exclaimed the goodness of God.  God’s Love filled the air and angels began to move.  You had to be there.


The power of God was certainly there last night.  I am thankful.  I learned to recognize it because it is in my church.

But, I’ll tell you there is an answer regarding the praise!

Editor’s Note:  Our policy has to not plug for ministries  and this is not my church; but I’ll tell you that different churches have different anointings and that is for sure.

This was not the kind of crowd that you would expect to see at a Healing Crusade.  First off,  there could not have been more than 200-250 people there.  It was in a huge room and the stage was gorgeous.  But the praise was prettier.

A gentleman tapped me while I was praising and when I turned ; the aisle was empty; save the woman on my right.  He mimicked for me to follow him. When I reached the back I saw my friends Rose and Pat slain in the spirit lying on the floor.  The man whispered to me:  “You came because you want to be healed; what’s going on? ”  I thought, I suppose so and I told him about my eyes and my feet. In my mind, my feet represented the most pressing concern.  The next thing that I know he had touched my forehead and I fell, bam.

As I laid on the floor, I saw a vision of Jesus in a long white robe and I reached out to touch his hem.  I then heard him say:  “Lie here awhile, the angels are working on your feet.”  I did that exactly and waited until I had a peace to get up.

I returned to my seat; but a woman came to get my testimony and I eventually shared it!  I danced that night like I had not danced since at least ten years ago.

I say this with all humility.

God used Apostle David Taylor and the ministry from that church.  He really used the Praise and Worship team.  There were so many testimonies.  People felt heat in their bodies and pain left them.  A man with fourth stage cancer stopped using his oxygen tank and could breathe so good.

It was indeed a refresher….

But, one of the most powerful things that I saw a young woman who was there for the first time.   The Holy Ghost was on her and she began to shake uncontrollably. SEE : Brownsville Revival video;

If I had not seen it before in the might have been skeptical.  This happened all over the place.  It was wild!   It was powerful. I wish that you could have been there!



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

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