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Cafe Sozo Celebrates 3 Year Blogiversary! March, 2010

Imagine yourself making a decision to write on the Internet…and you don’t know what you are doing. It’s a total faith walk.  It’s hard enough that you’re really not technologically savvy, but the biggest deal is that everybody knows it but you.

lol….that’s how it was when we started Cafe Sozo three years ago.  There was literally only two sites then, but no one came. So those two sites were dismantled and we moved…here to Word Press.

Word Press offers so much.  But, for those  of us that love quantitative data…it was like a gold mine.

It soon became obvious that we needed to write frequently and add more sites.  There were many 14 hour days…and many friends that we met along the way.

This is not some big and arrogant site.  No, not at all!  We are humbled.  We are thankful for you who have come and supported us with your feedback.

Although we never intended to; our hearts have often been  nearly melted by the nature of the prayer requests that we have received.  So, we rededicated our focus to pray without ceasing for every prayer whether the request is left here or not and we do this consistently,


A special Thank You to Gene McGuire!  He was there from the very beginning!  His wonderful articles drew lots of feedback from people who were drawn to his “tell it like it is” admirable style!  I have learned so much from him.  Especially about having a big heart and being consistent!

Over the years, we adopted a ministry from across the world although we are not yet  a 501c3 ministry.  It is pending.  We started a campaign to help families at Christmas and that was Blessed.

I recall with fondness the year of 2008 when God sent a chaplain from upper Michigan, a minister from New England and a Messianic Jewish sister who all three ran the site in my absence!  It was powerful!

God sent wonderful friends who Blog …and He is still sending them.   We became friends…all from different corners of the world!  Sharon, Bisi, Gladwell, Sondan, Marta, Joana  and Chee…thank you so much for the friendships!

Sharon, you have been so faithful!   I want God’s best for you in your life and I know  that you will have it!

Bisi, I thank you for your friendship…I’ve learned so much from you.  Your encouragement and your kindness; I have treasuered!  I hold you close to my heart and in my prayers.
What can I say Gladwell…I thank God for your strength and your courage.  I set my prayers in agreement with your prayers…and thanking God that He will continue to increase you, Bisi and Sharon.  You all have HIs heart!

Chee, you’ve been so kind.  You are so talented, you have so much wisdom.  I pray for you and your continued faith and strength…and I am so thankful that you are not ashamed to profess your love for God!

My email network…Wow…thank you!  Hundreds of emails from the articles on site and only one person said:  “Take me off the mailing list.”    So much encouragement from so many of you!

I am thankful to God for letting me be His sidekick!  He’s such a great teacher!   It’s been a wonderful journey…and I love it!

I’m leaving something out…but it’s late…you are all worth it…so I press my way to continue on!  Thank You!   Blessings to you All!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11: 1

There is nothing glamorous about Blogging…and yet it is a privilege to do so. Faith Blogging is different.   Mainly because there are people out there looking for a word from God and our job is to deliver it without distorting the message.   There is a great responsibility…and there are many who may not take it seriously…I don’t know…I’m not them.  But, I take it seriously…and I pray the best for them!

Behind the scenes, a lot of prayer takes place and my prayer is solid that God will continue to draw by His Spirit!



I am a born again believer. I am a Prayer Intercessor, writer, wife, mom, sold out for God lady! I believe that Jesus heals. I also believe that many people need faith information and prayer and this site will offer this.

4 thoughts on “Cafe Sozo Celebrates 3 Year Blogiversary! March, 2010

  1. Hi Lanie,

    A heartfelt congratultions on your blog success and longevity.
    Sending you a big fat bear hug and best wishes for many more years of success.


  2. HI Sondan! How are you buddy? I have been trying to get in touch with you. Please let me know that you are okay! Your site looks great! I visit very often! I pray that all is well. Did you get my FB message? I was over at another site adding mp3’s/ Do you work with them? Okay, I’ll be in touch! Love E

  3. Thank you Laine. Happy blogiversary. How I thank God for you. I was just talking to my husband about you a few days ago. I told him how so grateful I am for the first months you were there for me…urging me on, to keep writing and not give up. How so glad I am that I got to know you. And yes….your heart is true…you want the best for your friends and the people who come out to seek God on the internet. You have a servant heart and God will reward you for that. I thank God for you, for your ministry, family and the friendships which He has brought your way in the last three years. I pray that you will increase in wisdom and discernment as you continue ministering to those out there.

    Be strong and courageous because you still have many more years to come….and yes…God is and will continue to be glorified as your remain faithful…in your labor of love.

    I love you and look up to more than you may know.

    With showers of blessings and a big happy hug,


  4. Hi Gladwell! Oh what a dream friend you are. Thank you so much for your kind words and your heart! Well, by now you have figured out my secret. I am just winding down from my week-end Blogging marathon…It’s almost 4 am now and tomorrow EArly Morning Prayer is closed so I can sleep in until maybe 8. That’s when I have to iron …some things.

    The time just flew by…God did it all and I have pledged that the next three years will be even better. I spent three years before these last 3 preparing for all of this! It’s funny…I’m happy! Your site is going to reach far more people and whoever it reaches will be greatly moved and changed because of the inspired words that you deliver by the power of God! I know that I have been! You write with the experience of someone well trained by God! I am thankful to call yopu friend! Love E

    P.S. Off to sleep…talk to you tomorrow and say Hi to the family!

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