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A Message Of Hope June 21, 2010

Psalm 37:25 (King James Version)

25I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

Perhaps if you have ever been here before…you will notice a change.  No more pictures or flashing lights so much like old times.  Just a simple message.   That’s the plan…


Confessions of A Traveler

I have been gone for a while from my writings.  Fortunately, it does not reflect in any way my love towards God.  You see, I wasn’t writing because I decided not to just throw anything up just to get it online, but I decided to wait until there was something that I felt was worth saying.

A few weeks back I stopped writing as various distractions occurred and then I planned to go to Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks to spend more time with God.    Surely, the funds were not there and it would take a miracle for that trip to take place.   Well, guess what…I went.  We decided to travel by car and God sent the drivers…and I admit that I do not drive on the freeway as there have been some challenges that are being removed.


When we arrived in the mountains…I realized that I was so lacking spiritually that it was to be a trip of reassurance, restoration, reinvigoration and replenishment…did I leave out refreshing?   Well, that too.

When we arrived to the seemingly desolate cabin…it was amazing that we were unprepared.  We had NO PRAYER REQUESTS with us!

At the end of last month, our young prayer sister had prepared a stack of blank prayer requests for our meeting to put into people’s hands.   Well…they never made it but mysteriously they appeared up in the mountains.  I suppose somehow I had packed them.  Anyway we pulled them out and began to fill out hundreds of Prayer requests including those from the 8 Cafe Sozo sites.  We prayed fervently and feverishly until the point of breakthrough.   It was fun.

Two unusual occurrences transpired:

We heard loud stomping noises in the adjoining loft upstairs in our cabin…no one had left the prayer circle.

Not long afterwards…Sister Rose was slain in the spirit…when she awakened, she declared that aangel of light had come and  taken the prayer requests.

The two events that I spoke of were not related in any way.

But, what real message did I bring back?

I brought back a message of hope.   You see, it is time for change.  Perhaps you did hear and even receive the prophecy of change for this year.  You just like myself may have seen quite a few things change…but I ask…are you getting things done?  Are you playing your part?  Are you contributing?  Or…are you just being moved by life and its changes?

Before, I went to the mountains…I admit I did not have a clear plan.  I have learned a lot this year; I’ve forged new projects and partnerships.  I’ve made new friends..but I had lost my vigor and I certainly wasn’t getting anything of major proportions done to my satisfaction.  But now…I have a new resolve…a new assignment.  I’m so excited about it that I’m not going to talk about it…I’m just going to do it!

But…I just want to encourage you to reexamine your life a get a tune up.   You probably don’t have to travel as far as I did…maybe just to your prayer closet, to your bookstore or to a quiet place…but please find your purpose and start getting things done.  Don’t let life happen to you…YOU happen to life!