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Facing The Lion! by Elaine Davenport June, 2011

If I were still in the world; I might have thought that my dream last weekend was a nightmare!  In fact, it wasn’t.  I asked for a dream; I’ve found it to be an enhanced way to get a message from God.  I pay attention to my dreams.


I had a deep dream; but I did not FALL APART like the lady in the AT and T commercial that thought the spider  on the cell phone was real so she screamed like a total fool; causing poor Dave to act like one.

These are the last days ….and I have been in hot pursuit of  a “closer walk” with God!  In my spirit, I am fulfilled! 

I’ve dreamed two dreams this year that I can recall.  The great thing is that I prayed for both of them.   Initially I did not like either dream; until the interpretation came!  That’s when I became thankful.


Last Saturday, I was praying for God to send me a message in a dream…and He heard me  and sent the dream.  The funny/cute thing is that the dream was so simple…but I had never in my life dreamed such a thing.


I was in a building…”in the elevator,” I could hear screams all around me.  Other people were in the building too.  The screams made me get very alert.  Suddenly, the elevator stops at a floor and a lion roars and tries to rush in to “get me.”  Well, I caught on fast…I kept pushing the DOOR CLOSE button and it shut just in time.  Then, I realize that I have NO control over where the elevator stops; it is doing its’ own thing!  Ugh! 

“I want out!”  Well, that’s what I wanted deep inside; but I don’t have time to voice it…I must stay cool.  I must keep my focus!

The elevator makes several stops…I just barely get the door closed…but it always closes!

Then…finally it hits the first floor…no lion and I run out of the building!



First off, I don’t dream about lions.  I was absolutely shocked at the dream.  I do not know if there was one lion or more than one?  The lion in the dream were real and huge!   Normally, I profess my faith in dreams like that; but this time I did not.  I felt like it was very real.  I believe that if it were not for the mercies of God; my outcome may not have been so good. 

If I’m being honest; I believe that God was showing me some simple and some deep things.  I have been concerned about my level of apprehension in that dream.  Instead of  being confidence driven; my actions were fear driven and I don’t like that at all!

The elevators seemed too represent the different situations that we face in life that we “find” ourselves in…many not directly by our own doing.  The screams I heard represent the many distractions that so many of us encounter when we’re in the middle of something important.

The lion represents  from a spiritual perspective; the adversary, the enemy, the pressure, the mountain…the confrontation that forces us to cave in, give up, or stand up and face our fears; knowing there is no reason to be afraid!




The outcome represents the grace of God.  There was no judgment.  You see, as believers He prpmises the victory and we must not give up! 








Stay sober, stay alert! Your enemy, the Adversary, stalks about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5: 8