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How America Struggled With Thanksgiving! November, 2011



It’s amazing…Thanksgiving!   We all thought that it had been in place since the pilgrims.  Well, that just isn’t true.   You see, though the pilgrims did give thanks and have a feast and so forth; many colonists were not in agreement that it should be a “National holiday.”  There was a magazine editor by the name of  Sara Hale who embarked on a one woman campaign to make it a National holiday.   Abraham Lincoln agreed with her and almost one hundred years after the country was founded; Thanksgiving was made a National holiday.

Those days are gone…

I wish that I could tell you when masses of people began to recognize it not only as a National holiday and a spiritual holiday…but even I cannot assure you of that even today.  I just know that people all across the country recognize that it is not only a day to eat; but a day to give Thanks to God for who He is and what He has done!   Our prayer is that on that day; you will find a way to not only give thanks but to make a difference in the world around you.  Be Blessed!