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Stubborn Faith! by Elaine Davenport February, 2014

AGODSWAY11“Stubborn Faith” is a strange expression.

I’m going to think outside the box on this.

You know faith is based on our confidence in a God who can deliver, heal and do a plethora of things.  The main thing is that He is a God who loves.  To prove His love, He has designed a specific plan that is custom made at any given time for each of us.  Please understand that there really are people who pray  and take time to listen as God speaks back to their hearts and gives them the plan of action.  There are lots of other people who read the bible and let God lead them in their heart…maybe they do not hear a voice or maybe they do and they don’t know it’s God…but somehow they just get a determination that things must be done a certain way.

This post is meant to encourage you.  If God has put something on your heart…then do not be stubborn by putting it off or doing something else.  If God has spoken to you about implementing a plan of action for something you know you are supposed to do…do not drag your feet…do not talk yourself out of it…don’t do things your way.  Do them God’s way for guaranteed success!!!