Salvation & The Blood of Jesus!

Cafe Sozo is expanding! We’ve Added Two New Additional Sites to Cafe Sozo! You can now find out about: Faith, Healing, Godly Wisdom, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, The Blood of Jesus and Salvation as well as other associated subjects.

1. The Blood of Jesus HERE


2. Salvation HERE


*We know that these sites will be a Blessing To Know. Please continue to come back and please spread the word about Cafe Sozo. Thank You so much for stopping by.

* Joyful Toons by Mike Waters. Copyright 2007; used with permission.

7 thoughts on “Salvation & The Blood of Jesus!

  1. Wonderful , Amazing site. I truly thank God for His inspiration and your obedience to allow Him to work through you.

  2. Hi Shaddaii! Thanks for the comments…please pray for us, we need to work harder! These are the last days….Blessings & Love

  3. you joytoons really help me every
    Sunday in making our church bulletin the messages taken from the scripture and the picture illustrations really help us remember some passages in the bible and the illustrations are so cute. thanks!!!

  4. Hello Daisy! You’re right. They help us too. We wrote to the author of the cartoons Mike Waters and he gave us permission to post them on our sites. You may wish to write him at his site. Blessings & Love

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