12 thoughts on “Find Our 8 Sites!

  1. Hi Belinda! Well it’s not by my might…smile…Love E

    P.S. God is no respecter of persons…if I can do it He will enable you to do it too…Love E

  2. Hi Bisi! oops…I usually don’t do that. I am so sorry…miss you…Bisi, I’m sending you am email. I’ll lay it all out for you. Love Elaine

  3. OMG – with seven sites I was wondering … when do you sleep lady? Take it easy and I hope you are relaxing over this holiday weekend. Take care of your temple.

  4. Hi Sondan! That’s funny coming from you…smile…you have quite a few. Well, as you know; once they’re up it’s pretty easy. God does the work and provides the ideas…I just type (with one finger. (lol) It’s true my friend. I hope that you have a phenomenal week-end! Blessings ^ Love E

  5. Hi Sondan! Twenty-four new posts today…hope to rest for about 10 days…well maybe seven…if I can stay away. Probably can’t. Love E

  6. Wow! What a website! When I saw that you posted a video of , “Lord you’re Holy,” I was truly humbled that God would use that video as a ministy tool. Unfortunately that particular video was taken down, but was then again put back up about a week later. Because of this if you wish to further use this video as a ministry tool you will have to re-download it. Thank you so much for the work that you do, and may God Bless you in everything you put your hands to.

    Blessings, Veronica Y. Miller

  7. HI Veronica! We’ve just got to pinpoint it…smile…won’t take long! Bless you. May God continue to use your ministry gift Blessing people from the four corners of the earth! We will continue to lift you up in prayer! Love Always!

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