We’ve made up our minds to hold a Prayer Summit for the next 15 days at Cafe Sozo.  We will be praying for you more than we ever have.  Whether you see your Prayer Request or not; as soon as we receive it; we will begin intercession on your behalf.  We know that God will answer.  We will be expecting it.  Feel free to pass the Word!


Leave your Prayer Requests Here!


While you’re here know this:


Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

Mark 11:23-25


If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

John 15:7


I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling;

1 Timothy 2:8


Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

James 5:16

33 thoughts on “PRAYER SUMMIT!

  1. i am student of 12 class please pray for my studies ,height,success & peace in family also pray for gods’ will for me

  2. Heavenly Father, we lift up princeharry…today and we know that he is your beloved. We know that You want the very best for him. We are thankful that You’ve brought him this far and we know that You will not abandon him. Psalm 23 says that The Lord is his shepherd he shall not want or lack for anything and we BELIEVE that. So we thank You that Your will be manifested in his life each and every day. We also pray that he says: “YES!” to Your will and “YES!” to Your way! IN Jesus name. AMEN

  3. iam a police officer in india .my husband is having extra marital affair with a lady so please pray for this &he is also trying to do marraige of my daughter with son of that lady so please pray to god &for gods guidance to me &for gods’ will for me

  4. Please pray for the full recovery of Carl and Catherine Nairn. They are my 72 and 69 year old parents. They were stabbed and beaten in the head. Pray that God gives them, along with their children, peace.


  5. I am the X wife of SerialCareerCriminal ,Manuel aka Mike who has been jailed for B&E,Assault andDeaththreats ,Extortion,Fraud & spent 2yrs incarceration for murder of 2 people(paid for legal-got off). I have been suffering 40 yrs as a Victim by X, abused, fear for my life, he controlled me as his pawn (creates massive confusion) to cover up his criminal activity & forced me into bankruptcy. I ran from his power, but with his revenge & criminal knowledge of the courts through vengeful tactic he still holds me hostage using our justice system. X threat, is to keep me held up in court for life& destroy me financially,emotionally,physically and now accuse me of his criminal activity. I need PowerfulIntersession PrayerWarriors to EXPOSE his Narcissistic disorder, his Con to Fraud & Evil Doings. I need to expose X and his Mob corrupt lawyer and parasite associates, to show through his lies & deceit. Please Prayer Warriors stop this Power and Control that he still has in the courts over me. I need protection for me,my kids,my family,my friends who are my witness to fight this devil in court. Pray for more witness to come forward to help me. Pray for me find the right criminal lawyer with legal aid support to fight on my behalf to be able to stop his persecution. Please pray for me for the whole duration of this ordeal .Thank you.
    Please pray for my adult children who are struggling in so many areas of their life. My children are my witness to expose their criminal father (we have no communication with him) to help me expose my abusive court case that he is holding me hostage. I need you to put pray warriors over them to give them strength to get through their lives of (anger and self pity and self worth). My children need to love God and themselves. Shelley needs help with her business to prosper. Need to have her boyfriend stop living in sin. Kerry is drinking too much and is looking for love in all the wrong places for Mr. Right. Kerry is educated and can’t seem to hold a job or find a job. Aaron needs strength to complete his high school while working construction and then going to University to get his career job. They all seem to have a lack in this area of hope, forgiveness, love, and believing in God.

  6. praise jesus iam a science stream student please pray to jesus that god help me in my studies, homework and self study in march 2011 i am having my 12 final i.e board exams so pray to god that my god prepare me for my examinations ,protect me from all evil things,friendship, pray that god save me from laziness,tension and emotions that are fron satan
    i praise my lord-Jesus for giving me 77.54% in my 10th class board exams and admission in good high school

  7. Dear PrinceHarry Wadagle, Bless you for stopping by. We were up early this morning in the wee hours praying for all of the people that come here.

    You are a student and we pray:

    Abba Father we pray to You this day a prayer of Thanksgiving for PrinceHarry because all of his needs are met.
    we come before you today with humble and Thankful hearts. Father we just want to praise you and Give honor to you who are deserving. We thank you for your mercy, we thank you for your truth, we thank you for your being in us and all around us, we thank you for being Almighty, for reinventing each of us, we thank you Father that you are good all the time, we thank you for being faithful and just to forgive us our sins and for cleansing us from all unrighteousness. We thank you that you are Princeharry’s Healer, Provider and his Righteousness. We are thankful that as far as he is concerned that you are Just,

    We are thankful that you are no respecter of persons Lord, We are thankful that you keep your promises and that You are not a man that you should lie, We are thankful that you are the Alpha and the Omega, that you are the author and finisher of our faith. Father, we are thankful that the anointing of God causes PrinceHarry to inherit the Blessing of God. We are thankful that he has the Comforter, the Spirit of truth who will lead him into all truth. We are thankful that has favor with God and man.

    We are thankful that PrinceHarry is not limited to earth’s resources but that his resources are heaven and earth for we know that he will do excellent in his studies and that it will be to Your Glory! He will testify of Your goodness! We loose his ministering angels to go before him to prosper his way right now today in Jesus Name so be it!

    needs isn’t here, that You can make it. We are thankful that you have surrounded ___________ with YOUR mercy, grace and light.

  8. Dearesy Shakuntala Wadagle….you can trust that we will keep you lifted in prayer and that God will get all of the Glory! For Christ’s sake. Amen Blessings & Love

  9. Please pray for continue operating funds for the only homeless women and children shelter in my city, Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Women’s Restoration Shelter fund has been speedily decreasing monthly without any sign of increase. We pray for a financial miracle. We must keep the door open of our 24 bed shelter. Somebody needs us! I speak life into our prayer of HOPE.


  11. Dear Sister Doris…I will lift up your prayer requests before God. And I ask you humbly as you go before God…to be in a position of servant first. For He said: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you. Many seek the things but not the kingdom. I pray that you will get before God and do the things He has called for you to do, realizing that THEN….you will get your breakthrough. Blessings & Love

  12. I request prayer for my husband who is very ill to be healed and stornger than ever to be there to help guide his children to God’s life he has continued to fight with God’s strength and became stronger despite all said for the last year I pray that he will have faith understanding of God’s word and strength to continue healing Amen …

  13. We need prayer for Jesus to heal my husband W of a stroke. He is in the hospital as God is teaching Him to abide, while strengthening his left side. Poor diet, booze, and cigarettes put him there but Jesus is turning him around. My son B has needed to get a check up for yrs. Pray he will be able to push through aniexety disorder to take care of his body, and that the Lord will heal his soul and draw Him to His peace. He has multiple health and emotional things going on and he is so very sad. Jesus lift him up and keep him safe and sound, SOZOED. Daughter K and I have big job decisions. Layoff? Retire? Teach? Write? We need Godly wisdom and balance, strength, peaceful sleep, freedom from harassment, good health and obvious direction, clarity of thought, kindness and understanding at work. WE speak order to our lives and grace to live it out daily. Loved the website. My bible lesson was the widow of Zaraphath and I found your faith- lifting website to be a shelter in the storm.


  14. Dearest Sue, thank you for stopping by. We agree in prayer with you. We will take your prayer request to our prayer meetings. MOre than you know…GOD is moving on your behalf! Blessings & Love

  15. Blessings, can you keepa live in your prayers Matt,s 2010 prayer journal, In Jesus Christ Name Amen!Thanks

  16. Dear Sister Tina, we are behind in our postings but not in our prayers. WE have been and will continue to pray for you all. Blessings & Love

  17. I am requesting prayers for my 16 year daughter, Alexis. She lies, steals, manipulates,skips school ( She has missed 28 days since October) etc, etc, etc….. She is a very intelligent person, speaks a 2nd language but made straight F’s on her report card. I just dont know what to do. I try to talk to her about it but she lies and screams to the top of her lungs because she knows everything. She is ruining her life. I need God to intervene in this situation. I need some real help and some real support because I honestly don’t know what to do.

  18. Dearest Sleepless…as a mom some years back…we went through something very similar. I began to pray around the clock. I would just go in my room and read the bible and write prayers while I prayed in the spirit. Change didn’t happen overnight; but it came profoundly. My one confession was: The devil cannot have my child! I pulled scriptures about God’s promises…mainly : The seed of the righteous is Blessed, my child is Blessed, I curse the spirit of confusion and bind it at the root; a great book is Prayers That rout demons by Jon Eckhardt. You can order it Online or get it at any Bible Book store…The Bible has ALL of your answers. Sleepless nights…it’s warfare…but we are overcomers… We will be praying for you…stand in faith friend.

    Blessings and Love Keep us posted

    Pray for her to be saved as well. God will not let you down! In the meantime ask God to give you wisdom on how you should carry yourself, how you should talk, what to say and when to say it. She is acting out…pray for wisdom to get to the actual root of the problem. Blessings & Love

  19. Please pray for my pain that it will be healed soon and that the mri and surgeon’s appointment will be moved up. I am so ill with taking pills. I also pray for my son Corey and my family:) Please blesss everyone on this site, in my own church family and Christians all over the world. I am so happy I stumbled on to this site with Mary did you know with Kenny Rogers:) I hope I can come in praise to your site daily:) I live in Canada where the snow is falling afor another 3 months at least. Let me not be afraid of falling to go outside:)
    Bless all the members of this site and I hope I can encourage others to come here:) Praise God. Praise Jesus Amen

  20. Dearest Serenity Blue…Bless you so much. The Prayer Warrior in me has already started to pray for you and your prayer needs! God gets the GLORY! He’s an awesome God…and Jesus said…Be of Good cheer…I have overcome the world!

    Surely your illness challenges can bee overcome. Get in the word and read the promises of God on Healing…it’s a done deal! Stay in faith and be encouraged my dear friend! Chin up, flex your spiritual muscles…get closer to God…He’s gonna give you a testimony! I know it! Blessings & Love

    THANKYOU THANKYOU For stopping by…you Blessed us all!

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