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What Does The Word Of God Say? by Elaine Davenport (Saturday, September 13, 2008)

Faith is believing without seeing. Who are you believing?

Are you believing the bankbook?


Are you believing the gas tank?


Are you believing the television, the news?


Are you believing the bad news that comes in the mail?


Are you believing your circumstances, the trouble you face, the tests, the trial?


Are you believing a person?


You must believe God.

It isn’t always easy…sometimes it’s hard!

But…you must do it anyway.

How? you ask…

Get in the Word of God (the bible) and begin to believe what it says and say what it says…there is power in the Word of God. What you say affects what you believe in your heart and what you plant in your heart goes in your head and what you decide…affects your future.

What Does The Word of God say?

It says that you have an inheritance from God.

It says believe that you receive.

It says don’t back off of God’s promise.

It says trust in God wil all your might.

It says you’re healed by the stripes of Jesus.

It says you are the seed of Abraham.

It says that if you have the faith of a mustard seed and don’t doubt, you’ll have what you need.

It says God is your provider.

It says God cannot lie.

It says you are right in the eyes of God.

It says Jesus took all of your diseases and infirmities.

It says Jesus is alive.

It says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It says God answers prayers.

It says you are more than a conqueror and victorious.

It says praise in your victory.

Get in the Word and see and say what it says about you.


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2nd Free E-Book on Faith & Prosperity Monday, June 30. 2008


Dear readers,

I have compiled all the articles that I have written from December 2007 to February 2008 into a ebook available for free at the link below this page. This is my gift to you. You are free to download, duplicate and distribute to anyone you like. I am sowing seeds into your lives to enable you to live the life God wants you to live.

Thank you.

Yeap Chee Seng

I have finished compiling my second ebook which contains all the articles I wrote and posted in the month of March 2008. It is available free for everyone just like the first book.

Articles From Yeap Chee Seng Volume 1

Articles From Yeap Chee Seng Volume 2


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