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A Christmas Thank You From Us To All Of You! December 25, 2010

A   MERRY CHRISTMAS THANK YOU!  2010- WHAT A BLESSED YEAR! Tears of love came to our eyes this morning. We were thinking of you.    For the last month, John and I have been trying to reflect and write about this wonderful year and the wonderful friends  and family that we have; knowing that we could not fit it all into 2 pages.  People who really know us will say:  “Why didn’t they put this in or that in?  etc.?”

The Christmas cards came in this year and I already knew the names that would be on them… every now and then a pleasant surprise. Well, even though we’ve been sending 200-400 letters out since 1980 (only missing one year); last year strikingly fewer cards or letters were coming in; but the faithful few are always there.  We are humbled by your consideration and thoughts.   I remembered my childhood when cards, calls, cookies and visitors filled our home.   Despite the changes, we will not give up our traditions, we’ll keep writing to you guys no matter what!  I’m thankful.

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.  Romans 11:  29

Imagine an assignment to set up websites for the ministry requiring ten or more hours of writing daily for nearly a year…just to set it up? Only God could sustain a person during that time and that’s what happened to me.  I needed it!  But, it’s far from over.

It has been such a Blessing Blogging on the Internet.   There was great darkness to overcome, but God sent fellow  Bloggers  Sharon from Australia, Bisi from England,   Sondan from DC, Marta from the United States…just up the road, Gladwell from Poland now England  and Yeap  Chee Seng from Singapore and many more new friends… from all over the world to support us as we reached out to all of the world to minister the Gospel.  At first, we wondered as we plowed the ground because maybe 50 people we put up another site.  Well, that didn’t help much so we packed up and moved…on the Internet.  That was when we got our breakthrough.  That was 10 sites ago…now Café Sozo  has a readership of 1.7 million and we hear from people from the most populated to the most remote areas of the world!    Our greatest joy has not only been in ministering; but also in receiving prayer requests and praying them out.   The Glory of the praise reports  are only because of Almighty God!

I want to give a special shout out to our Guest Writers!  Many have come over the years.  But our current cadre  consists of  a powerful group of God’s front line workers:  Gene McGuire, Jeanniene Lee and Martin Cisneros.  And each of them has their own ministries!  They are very kind and faithful  people.

A heartfelt to Aaron and Julia Hobson  (The Battle Ready Prayer CD)  , Kim Brooks,    Jeanniene Lee ( Word Of Wisdom For Health and Healing CD)  Robin Anderson and to every writer that we’ve ever had the privilege of interviewing. We pray Blessings and much success on your walk of wisdom and obedience.  Truly you have allowed God to use you.

To our readership…you keep us going too!   God sent you.    Every year, God sends the most wonderful people to this site.  One year, when my health was challenged and my time was pressed; He sent two people…one from Traverse City and the other from Minneapolis and they literally took over the site and ministered in my absence…they did a fine job!

The people who have written in, well they’ve had such faith for miracles…that my faith was increased just by the interaction.

I admit that at first, nothing much seemed to happen…and then there was an explosion of traffic.  I’m sure that the lesson from all if this is to stay in faith and persevere when we start on a path…so I say THANK YOU.  We will soon celebrate 4 years of ministering and each day is action packed!  Each day we are God backed and ready for duty!

And then there’s our Facebook Family! Wow!    I love y’all!     I’m not gonna name names just yet…but you guys are the best…one of a kind…you sharpen!  Even when you don’t know it…  I love y’all!   I try to make it a point to know everyone in my network; even if I do not leave comments.  I’ve also  met a few of my Facebook family in person.

A special thanks to Kwame Onpoint Peterson, Christine Covington, Victor Davis and Derek Forney  for supporting our prayer events!  What can we say.    You guys inspire us…keep us going over at Café Sozo.  Originally, I wasn’t so sure that the Internet was a place that I wanted to minister; but God sent the technological expertise, the wisdom and the friends…to make it certain, peaceful and safe. We are so thankful for you.  We really do pray for you daily.   There are people that I talk to regularly and some I know and some I doo not.  But, you have Blessed me mightily with your comments, thumbs up, smiles  and encouragement.  THANK YOU!  There are people that I go to church with that I never knew before and now I do.  I’m thankful.  I’m humbled and it is an answer to prayer!


I have over 80 relatives  on Facebook.  Without that vehicle; I would not know them so well.  I truly love them and I thank God for each of them.    I could name names…but I’d leave out someone really important…because you all are and I do not want to be held accountable for that.  (smiles)


Thank you for your many kindnesses over the years, for opening your hearts to us, for compassion, kindness, Blessings, phone calls… Even if no one notices; God knows and He’ll be pleased with the good in you and the things you do for all of the people in your life.   However, you know…life is short…The bible says this life is but a vapor;  if you’ve ever lost a loved one…you know that’s true.

But God promises those who believe will live through all eternity. I work for God and my job is to tell all of the world about Jesus and the promise of eternity, the remission of sins, deliverance, peace and most of all the love that God has for every one of us. So, I’ll end this thank you note with a hope that no matter how far or how close that you are to God…that you will get closer.  That you’ll take time out to pray daily.   That God’s GLORY will shine through you.  And I give the GREATEST THANKS TO GOD FOR THAT HOPE!  Always remember that you were created to be Blessed; to be a Blessing…destined for GREATNESS in God’s eyes.    We Love you …The Davenport Family!  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

And never forget that Jesus walked on the water…and God is Love!   HOME PAGE HERE

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Have It Your Way!

We live in a “Have It Your Way” society! If you don’t believe me…Google it! You’ll get One Hundred Forty Eight Million Hits! Burger King is at the top…no surprise.

No reflection on Burger King… but if you continue to have it your way about salvation…putting it off, waiting til you get older, waiting for things to get worse in your life, waiting until there’s a storm, or catastrophe…you’ll miss out on going to heaven and living forever.

Why do you think that people who are over forty can remember their chilhood so easily? Have you ever asked yourself that? I know why. Because it seemed like only yesterday.

Don’t put your salvation off…God has a plan for your life and it’s not too late. No matter how old you are you haven ‘t missed the boat …yet. BUt, I tell you that boat is docking.