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Kenneth Hagin Had It Right! by E. Davenport June 22, 2012

If you go to Google and type in the words “God‘s Medicine,” and then click on images…fasten your seat belt.  Some of the images were amazing (ly off track).  Go and see for yourself.  I even saw the words: Tobacco….lol…I will admit that I did not read it.  Perhaps, a little taken aback by how that single ingredient has affected one too many family members near and dear to me.  To say that in my opinion was as bad as saying that a storm is an “act of God.”  Don’t get me started!

Kenneth Hagin often referred to as the “Father of Faith,” taught long before everyone else realized many truths about God’s word.  Most especially he proclaimed that the Healing scriptures in the bible have the power to heal.  I for one know that this is true along with thousands or perhaps millions of others.

Out of all of the sites here at CAfe Sozo this should be the most read; yet it isn’t.  While over 1,000 people per day will go to the faith site; only 100 per day come to this site.  Yet, the hospitals are doing a booming business!   That is crazy.  I believe in going to doctors and hospitals.  However, I do strongly believe that the Word of God when meditated upon can bring forth VICTORIOUS OUTRAGEOUS results!    If you are a believer and even if you are not…you have a DUTY to tell people the good news.  That is Jesus heals!!!!

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Get up and Pray! by Elaine Davenport Week of October 25-31, 2009



Are you too sleepy to get up to pray?  It’s no accident; it is warfare.  But…you gotta overcome it!

God needs you to get up and pray.  He is hoping for you to get the enemy on the offense instead of the enemy having you on the defense!  But you have got to GET OFF THE FENCE!  Stop sitting back and watching the game.  It’s time for you to go in.  Are you a first string player?  Are you a second string player?  Are you Junior Varsity?  Are you a bench player?  Are you on the team?  Only you can answer this.    This is warfare!  There is no time for sleep!  Don’t let the devil distract you.



When I first started going to the early service of prayer held at my church; I had no idea that it would be life changing but, it was.  As time went on, I would hear people say that they had actually been up praying for hours before that and that the Lord had them to do it.  It did not sound appealing to me; I’m being honest.  After years of being an insomniac; I had been healed and was now getting god, peaceful and restful sleep.  I had managed to get up and go to early prayer and that seemed good enough for me…or was it?


About a couple of years down the road, I came to know a lot more about prayer, watchmen, holding up the hedge, repairing the breach and praying for others.   So, I decided to do it.  It’s a fact that I didn’t know enough, but I wanted to do it.  I tried getting up at 3 am to pray and that did not work.  Then, I tried 4am and that didn’t work either.  Next, I tried 5 am and of course it didn’t work because  I did not have enough time to do the proper amount of praying.  So, I stuck to my schedule of getting up at 5:30 and continuing prayer after the prayer service totaling to around 3 hours or more.


Of course, I had no discipline; that would come much later.


My own prayer schedule is not important even though it is very refined now and extensive.  I personally see the need to focus my prayers and I do not hesitate to stop anything I am doing to pray with anyone that I am speaking with no matter who they are.  I have been delivered from any inhibitions when it comes to prayer.  I don’t care about  the approval of others,  the position of others …I am bold about praying, I am serious about it.


I wake up at 2: 30 am or various times to pray for people all over the world, then for prayer intercessors, the ministry, friends and family; and every day God takes me to a different angle, a different strategy, a different focus that I never thought of…it is wonderful.


I see and hear about prayer answers all of the time.  God answers prayer!  Did you know that?


You just have to give Him something to work with.

Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.   1 Thessalonians 5: 6