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GOD’S BUILDING BLOCKS (Series) by Elaine Davenport Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday, there was a crisis in my family.    If I had written to all of you I would have gotten your sympathy and your prayers in many cases.  However, I have a personal relationship with God and I spoke to Him.  Afterwards, I received an immediate message in my heart; this is it:

All is well.  It won’t seem like it is; but it is.”

I had to make a quick decision; it did not look well.  I knew nothing and satan came immediately and bombarded me with bad very bad news about the outcome.

I began to Thank God and to praise Him.

Afterwards, I felt better and thus…continued on throughout the day.

The outcome could not have been written in a movie.    I  ended up talking to three forces of law enforcement  and ended up with a savings of well over $100,000 without a lawyer and without a court, God showed out and when He finished…I had the answers to prayers from months earlier!

There is something coming and you better be ready.  But, on that day….what you don’t know will hurt you.  God doesn’t want that to happen to you so right now HE is equipping you.  Whether you are reading this article or in your own church, or meditating in the word or praying; you ought to know some basic stuff!

PRAISE is a basic staple of the Christian faith.  YOu will not hear other faiths talk about this…but praise is a staple in our diet.

Thanksgiving is a part of what we do.  No fancy words are needed, express your geniune thankfulness to God wherever you are.    Being thankful  and expressing it to God is like saying:  “Here I am Lord!”

It opens the door to praise and praise releases The Blessing.


*  Part One